July 27, 2021

Top Five best Edmonton Neighborhoods to live in 2020

Into professional lives, nothing comes near to Edmonton in Canada and you can have a peaceful life with no disturbance. Coming as possible as near to Montreal, Edmonton is a lovely place to visit, even stay for the rest of your life. On the rise, with jobs coming up and too much affordable housing facilities with real estates and relating to bad side effects on the other side. Thinking of moving to Edmonton with your new job? You should look into the neighborhoods and then decide it better. Well, here are the top five best Edmonton Communities neighborhoods to live in 2020.


A simple yet wonderful place to reside your busy world and forget its essence, Strathcona is your ideal neighborhood filled with its strange charm, love, and the ethnic beauty of history especially for those, who love history in front of them. Aside, Strathcona is held right next to downtown and Whyte Avenue, and also the University of Alberta campus, keeping it in the middle of all enjoyment. The neighborhood is also a hotspot for all kinds of entertainment, offering live music and theatres, dances and musical performances, and whatnot.


With all of the cafes and the true culture of cycling had earned it a place for the new generation as well as the old generation, Ritchie is well suited to offer you load of neighborhood love and support. It is well established, with a hipster vibe on the run, the Mill creek ravine which is one of the most attractive places for cycling to turn your mood on. Aside, it’s a perfect place for your families to reside and grow. 


Personal favorites of all of the old people, the neighborhood itself is old and has got the fresh smell of the ancient builds and houses for you to experience. The classic homes are more of a photographic area than places to live offering just the essence of beauty. There is also a Westmount Architectural Heritage area that helps to preserve the homes before the 1920’s and their sign of architecture. Isn’t it lovely?


Edmonton’s eternal life can be set up in the holy world of Crestwood as the place nearly kills it with its great natural and wildlife habitat and forest. If you are a nature guy, Crestwood is definitely for you. The neighborhood offers access to tons of hiking trails, bike paths, and the MacKinnon Ravine and what not.


A personal favorite of the most businessmen to settle in their lives for real, if you are a job guy, Downtown will suit you automatically. With everything a city dweller will ever need, from nightclubs, restaurants, hotels to enjoy, parties to meet, and eat at great places, this is the dream world for most people. The neighborhood also has an even boasts a huge number of businesses, for which it is ideal for professionals looking to live, rest, work, enjoy and play in the same place.

Well, these are the top five best Edmonton neighborhoods to live in 2020.

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