July 27, 2021

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Get maximum compensation for flight delays

One of the best things about travelling is that you have the chance to relax from everyday stress, it is the best opportunity to relax completely and experience something completely different from your own everyday life. So one of the last things you want is a disruption during the trip, especially if your travel starts with a disruption such as the flight being delayed. Minor flight delays on departure will most likely be minimal since most airlines have a buffer in their flight plans that will allow them to catch up in case of delays.

In some cases it might not be possible for the airline to keep up with its flight schedule, and sometimes a major flight delay can happen. Such delays can have different consequences to the traveler, first of it is really stressing to experience flight delays, because you might have to rush in order to catch a bus, train or even another connection flight.If you miss a connecting flight, there might not be many alternatives to reach your final destination and especially during busy seasons it might be challenging to find alternatives that are not yet fully booked.

There are many reasons for why flight delays can be annoying in different situations, and especially if you do not get any form of compensation for this delay. In some cases airline passengers can be entitled to compensation, however most often the airline will not make you aware as a passenger that you are entitled to compensation for flight delays. So unless you as a passenger know the specific rights for compensation in case of flight delays it can be difficult to get information about how and if you can claim compensation.


In the recent years there has been an increasing numbers of companies that offers to help with your claim for compensation, however these companies does usually take around 25% percent of the compensation if they win the claim on your behalf. This increasing number of claim agencies makes it difficult for the passenger to find out which claim agency that takes the lowest percentage for helping you with your claim.

Often sending a claim directly to the airline might not take more than a couple of minutes, however the airlines does not make it obvious how you can submit a claim to the them and it can be difficult to find information on the internet about how you should submit your claim to the airline.

There are some free online services that can help passengers with flight delay compensation, one of these services can guide you to how you can submit your claim for compensation directly to the airline, and thereby avoid losing some of your compensation when using a claim agency. If the airline rejects your claim it might be useful to use a claim agency to handle your claim. The claim agencies are often experienced in handling claims with the airlines and they do also offer legal guidance in the case of that the airline keeps rejecting your claim.

The next time you experience a flight delay on any of your travels, you should check if you are entitled to compensation in case of a flight delay, you can use an online form that will tell you if you are entitled to compensation, and how much compensation you are entitled to.

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