July 23, 2021

The best of Croatia for You: Perfect Travel

Croatia is a booming destination. With its beaches and islands in the Adriatic, the Roman heritage of cities like Split , or one of the most spectacular old towns in Europe in Dubrovnik , it is a country with a lot to offer and that still retains its own essence in the face of tourism every time, more massive.

While the south of the country is a quiet place with small towns that line the coast, the north has more cultural influence than central Europe. The capital Zagreb stands out for the large number of cafes and bars that fill up in the late afternoon. Touring the largest cities is quite easy. They are small where and you will hardly have to use public transport if you like to wander around.

On travel forums, we have often found that French tourists find it very difficult to organize their stay in Croatia. The reason? The unusual functioning of Croatian tourism. For a successful holiday in Croatia, read the following tips.

About Dubronik

At the heart of the summer, Dubrovnik is not as magic as the tour operators try to make you believe it. Admittedly, the city is splendid but during all the summer season, Dubrovnik, it is “Touristland”: the city is crowded with tourists. In 2018, 529 cruise ships dumped 799,916 tourists, which clogs the city and the ramparts. Dubrovnik is also more expensive than the rest of Croatia. You will also often have to travel a large number of kilometers to get there because the Croatian coast is over 800 km long: The distance between Dubrovnik and Rijeka (740 km) is greater than that between Saint-Malo and Bayonne (698km).

So, in high season, if you are more than 200 km from Dubrovnik, consider not going there. Don’t think Dubrovnik is a must. Do not do all of a sudden and by bus the exhausting Zagreb-Dubrovnik journey as many young French tourists do. In Croatia, in summer, there are dozens of islands and small ports which are not crowded with tourists and which are in my eyes as interesting as Dubrovnik, see more because we are enjoying Croatia less touristy and more authentic.

Around the Country

Croatian tourist attractions are spread across the country. The south of the Croatian territory is not prettier than the north. For more you can consult the site https://adventurescroatia.com and come up with the best plans for the same.

To sum up: Except for the pressure from a few friends or colleagues in the office who will say on your return from vacation “What? You’ve been to Croatia without going to Dubrovnik. You missed it all. Nothing forces you to descend to the extreme south of Dalmatia, to Dubrovnik. Besides, the French who come back from Dubrovnik say that it was good but you have already met someone who says he wants to go back the following year or who returns there regularly. To conclude, understand me well, Dubrovnik is a magnificent city and of great historical interest.


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