July 23, 2021

Everything You Must Know About Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Region is one of the least explored regions of Nepal. It is known as “The Last Forbidden Kingdom” since the organized treks only started after 1992. The steeped region concealed in the ancient Tibetan culture is your portal to the divine lifestyle. Upper Mustang Trek is one of the least famous but most adventurous treks to do in Nepal.

Upper Mustang is the home of the remote Himalayas in the semi-independent Tibetan kingdom. Mustang refers to an arid Tibet-like area in the northern Kali Gandaki region known to the inhabitants as Lo. Tibetan Plateau borders Mustang. Meanwhile, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri shelter Mustang. The relative isolation from the outside world makes Upper Mustang a hidden treasure of Nepal. If you want to learn the core Tibetan culture, the Upper Mustang Trek is the ideal choice.  

Trek to Upper Mustang allows travelers to enjoy the most amazing Trans-Himalaya landscape. You get to visit ancient Buddhist shrines such as Stupas, Prayer Walls, centuries-old monasteries. The hidden gem of Nepalese trekking trails awaits your presence and time. The history of Upper Mustang(Lo) shrouds in mystery, myth, and legend. It is assumed that a Tibetan poet Milarepa living from 1040 to 1123 AD visited Lo. There are proofs of events in Lo dating back to the 8th century. An interesting fact about Upper Mustang is that only 1,000 people can travel there every year.

. Here is everything you need to know about Upper Mustang Trek.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Level

Upper Mustang Trek is a moderately demanding trek in terms of difficulty. However, if you have not done any previous trekking, then it does not matter. You can complete the trek enjoying every moment of it. Likewise, if you are a person who loves to explore the trans-Himalayan terrain with a touch of desertic gorgeousness, then Upper Mustang Trek will be your escape to the dreams. However, some trekkers will find it difficult to walk 6-7 hours per day. But, you should prepare well for the trek.

Upper Mustang Trek Preparation

Since Upper Mustang Trek is a moderately demanding trek, few travelers may still find strain in doing the trekking. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Likewise, to reach the gorgeous trek destination, challenges may come. So how to be prepared for the trek and tackle all obstacles? Well, it’s not that hard. As you have to walk for 6-7 hours daily, you need to make a habit of walking. Go on a walk 3-4 times a week. Train yourself in walking both uphills and downhills. Do breathing exercises daily. Also, Make a habit of hydration in short intervals. Manage all your trekking gears in time, and don’t forget any.


Upper Mustang Trek Distance

As already mentioned, you need to walk 6-7 hours every day. It gives quite a rough idea about the trek distance. The approximate Upper Mustang Trek Distance is around 125 kilometers. Covering the 125 kilometers can be a memorable experience of life.


Best Time for Upper Mustang Trek

There are four seasons in Nepal as spring, monsoon, autumn, and winter. Generally, for trekking, the autumn and spring seasons are considered the best time. However, it is not the same for Upper Mustang Trek. Upper Mustang Region is a rain shadow area experiencing little to no rain at all. Therefore, it is a region you can travel all year hassle-free. Every season has its rewards and difficulties. For instance, in the spring season, the weather and trails become warm and fun. The snow resting in the river starts to melt with the soothing sound of the rivers taking all your tiredness away. However, it is suggested not to travel in the winter season. It’s because there are chances of high snowfall and extreme weather conditions. You can go on Upper Mustang Trek at any time of the year, but you need to be concerned about the seasons and the consequences that come with those.

Upper Mustang Trek | Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival is an annual three-day festival celebrated in Upper Mustang. Tiji is the abbreviation of the word “Tempa Chirim,” which means the “Prayer of World Peace.” It consists of many Tibetan rituals and traditions. It gives you three days of total exposure to Tibetan traditions. A myth about Tiji Festival is that a son had to save the Mustang kingdom from destruction. It showcases the victory of one of the incarnations of Buddha over a demon lived on human beings.

Lo Manthang is the capital of the kingdom of Lo. You can see the palace of the king in Lo Manthang, which is a four story building. Besides this, you can visit numerous monasteries and stupas. One of the famous monasteries is Thugchen Gompa that is believed to have been built in the 15th century.

In conclusion, Upper Mustang Trek is the blend of exposure to Tibetan culture, exploration of desertic beauty, and hiking in the arid drylands. Being the hidden gem of Nepal, Upper Mustang is indeed one of those areas you should visit. The mysteries revealed in the journey through the arid lands are a life-long experience. You can never get your precious time back. So why not make it worth every second with a visit to the Tibetan kingdom in Nepal.

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