July 23, 2021

Car Rental Solutions in Guatemala: Get the Best Choices

Tourist shuttles, private cars and drivers are the finest way to travel about for most important locations. A few of Guatemala’s main tourism service lets you arrange a trip to every major tourist attraction in the country either by a regularly scheduled bus or a private vehicle and driver at virtually any hotel tours desk and local tour agency.

The fee is between Q90 to Q375 depending on your destination, from Guatemala City or Antigua to and from other important places. Dependent on the size and type of the vehicle and how many passengers go, a private car or van with a driver should cost between Q600 to Q1,500 per day.

Bus service

The cheapest way to get there is by far Guatemala. Busses are inexpensive and go nearly everywhere in the country. There are two types: Local buses generally stop at a low level and are the least expensive and fastest. They are also stuck, and one of them is far more likely to be stolen. Sometimes the coaches are dubbed “chicken buses,” since rural residents that rely on coaches usually transport chickens and other animals. For everyone other than the most courageous sort, We say avoid these buses.

When you arrive in Guatemala it is sometimes cheaper to hire a car in your nation instead of to book. If you know that you’re going to hire a car, booking it in advance is always advisable because the fleet of renters is still out of demand.

Tips for car rental

While your home auto insurance coverage or your credit card may be preferable, verify carefully to determine whether the coverage in Guatemala truly does apply. A number of rules exclude 4WD and off-road traffic, indeed, some of Guatemala may be seen off-road. You can withdraw insurance payments from certain rental firms but, if you are in an accident, you must pay all of the damages before you leave the country. You can Rent a Car in Guatemala and have the best choice.

You may get a $750 to $1,500 deduction if you buy the insurance. You may get extra insurance at certain agencies to reduce the deductible. You must be 21 years old, with a valid driver’s licence and a major credit card on your behalf, to hire a car in Guatemala. Car rental in Antigua, Quetzaltenango, Panajachel as well as Santa Elena and Flores, close to Tikal, is possible also.


Gasoline is marketed as regular and premium in Spanish, either unleaded. Premium octane is only higher. In virtually every gas station, diesel is also available. Most automobiles hire on a premium basis, but constantly wonder which sort of petrol your car takes from your rental agent. Gas stations on the motorways as well as in all major towns and cities are extensively accessible. Try to leave with a whole tank of gas as it might be tougher to find gas stations while heading to distant locations. The cost of premium per gallon is Q35 ($4.65/£2.35).

Road conditions

Most of Guatemala’s major roadways are rather well-formed. However the situation deteriorates rapidly and severely soon you leave the main roads.

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