July 23, 2021

Avoiding A Tangled Mess When Traveling With Jewelry

It is typical for women to bring jewelry when travelling because they can easily enhance the simplest outfit. However, irreplaceable and expensive jewelry like the 2-carat diamond engagement or the Tiffany necklace is best left in the safe to prevent them from getting lost, misplaced, or damaged. Travel only with jewelry that you won’t mind losing. 

How to organize jewelry for travel

  • One of the best options is the hard-shell travel jewelry case that looks like a small briefcase with foam cushioning. It includes an earring bar, ring loop, necklace pouch, bracelet pocket, and simple snap bands for everything else. The jewelry case comes in different sizes, colors, and designs to make it just as stylish as its contents. It is also the best choice in terms of security and protection because of the zip-around enclosure. 
  • Drawstring jewelry pouch allows you to put all the jewelry you intend to bring for a trip. It is made from a circular fabric with a drawstring to keep your jewelry safe. However, the drawstring has to be knotted firmly to ensure that your smaller pieces of jewelry won’t escape and mix with the other contents of your purse. The jewelry pouch is not recommended for necklaces that can tangle into a mess. However, you can insert one end of the necklace into a plastic straw and attach it to the other end to prevent tangling. 
  • Pill containers are used to keep your medicines organized; however, they can also be used for jewelries. Choose the pill container from the local pharmacy that is divided for days of a week for your rings, earrings, or necklaces. The drawback is pill containers cannot be used for bangles and thick bracelets. 
  • Jewelry rolls are made from soft fabric with compartments and a large panel that can be folded or rolled up. It includes ties outside that can be double-knotted to secure the contents. The jewelry roll is a good option when traveling with jewelry and works well for many people because each piece of jewelry is separated from the other. The small size of most jewelry rolls makes them easier to fit inside the purse or carry-on. 
  • Baseball card holders made from hard plastic are the standard way for shipping trading cards because of their sturdy exterior. However, they can also be used to store jewelry with each item placed in its own pocket. 
  • A hanging jewelry organizer can be used to display jewelry or safe storage for travel. It includes pockets made from a clear vinyl to easily see the jewelry inside. The jewelry organizer is usually made from sturdy polyester material with a durable Velcro top that can be attached to a hanger. A zipper at the top of each row makes sure that your jewelries are safely stored. 

There are other options to ensure the safety of jewelry when traveling like your contact lens case, bead organizers, Ziploc bags, and mint tins. However, a fashionable travel jewelry case is still the best choice because it is sturdy, stylish, and perfect for different lifestyles. 

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