July 23, 2021

Tips to Spend a Splashing Day at Atlantis Aquaventure

Each year, we plan for vacations and add the beautiful destinations. Everyone likes to spend the cool time in hot months. Swimming pools, beaches and water parks are the most famous attractions for this period. Coupon.ae provides unlimited discounts on entertainment and fun activities. It introduces the Atlantis Aquaventure day pass discount on single day visit to one of the most popular water parks in UAE. The Atlantis Aquaventureis a hot destination where everyone likes to visit and spend the entire day. It is impossible to cover all the adventure and entertainment facilities.

What is a Single Day Pass?

There are various types of tickets and entry passes by Atlantis water park. One day pass is a provisional ticket that allows the visitors to spend a day at this park. There are further categories of one day pass. For example, one pass contains access to a few attractions while the second type provides access to multiple facilities. Users who frequently visit this park should buy the Annual Pass. This is best to save money especially if you like to spend the entire summer season in UAE.

Find the Biggest Hotel Room:

The Atlantis Water Park also provides accommodation service to tourists. You can book the apartments and rooms near the Atlantis Beach. This would be a fantastic idea to spend the day close to the beautiful beach. On the other hand, if you are staying outside the park then you should book the largest room for entire family. This is a money saving hack.

Pack Some Snacks:

No doubt, there are dining facilities such as restaurants, cafes, bars and food chains at this park but it would be great to pack some grown-up snacks. For example, you can keep some nuggets, crackers and a bottle of fresh orange juice.

Leave the Bikinis At Home:

It is true that wearing bikinis on the beaches is tempting but it is not suitable for thewater parks. The scene in the water park would be different from Hawaii or Barbados. You are going to mix with kids and families. It would be better to pick an aesthetical one-piece swimsuit. The indoor water facilities also become extra cool so this swimsuit will keep the body warm.

Decide “Me Time” With Friends or Spouses:

Visiting water parks with family and kids is huge fun. However, it is good to decide a “Me Time” in order recharge your batteries. Split up from the friends, families or spouses. We would recommend body massage in this precious short break.

Hit the Best Buffet:

The Atlantis aquaventure day pass discountis for everyone who has a plan to spend the day while splashing and sliding. However, it would be great to hit the food options. Order the meals for everyone. Take care of everyone’s preferences while ordering the foods and drinks. Kids would like finger chips, nuggets, fillets and drinks while the adults would love spicy foods with drinks such as fresh lime, orange juice or even wine.

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