July 23, 2021

Marmaris, Turkey: The Greatest Sailing Sites

The entire world is very big, and it has beautiful places to visit. It would be best if you chose a perfect destination for sailing. The best place for sailing is Marmaris, Turkey. It has all features to prove itself as a stunning region for a sail. The reliable cool winds, the warm sunshine, crystal clear water, and several interesting places make it valuable. The extensive bays and blue sea make it an island of paradise. You get to see small and big restaurants along the bay. This place has ancient civilization as you can find mud baths too.

Hence, the moderate cool weather, blue lagoon, wildlife glory, authentic cuisine, and sea turtles make the place livelier. It is known to be an amazing large resort for landlubbers. This place is also a famous tourist attraction.

Especially during warm summers, hundreds of flights land in the airport per day. The local airport is known as Dalaman. It becomes the most crowded area at that time.

Sailing Rates

The charters offer several types of yachts and catamarans for your service. The charges are taken according to the interval of time as well as the destination you choose. Beginners are taken to a safe place for sailing as it would be safe for them. The most recommended places to be sailed from Marmaris is the Kaunos, it is an ancient temple, the Bozukkale has an amazing destroyed castle view, and it looks stunning, the Ciftlikeach gives of beach that gives a welcoming feeling.

 The charters arrange personal caretakers, personal chef, crew and hostess for your service. Thus, it is benefiting to buy services from the best online website. So you must check the prices and other information on sailing in  https://plainsailing.com/destinations/turkey/marmaris.

Itinerary For Sailing

Marmaris is the perfect destination for holiday purposes. It is the best place for spending quality time with the blue waters and the blue sky above. The Itinerary is for six days. There are flexible timings for a sail. The assistants take you to six different places, which are mentioned below:

  • Marmaris to Ciftlik – On the first day of the sail,they sail from Marmaris to Ciftlik. On the way of sail they visit to Dolphinarium. It is a place where you can see dolphins. A wildlife group allow tourist to play with dolphins.
  • Ciftlik to Bozukkale –The Bozukkale is towards westward of Ciftlik. You get to visit beautiful jetty, mooring buoys, and small restaurants. It also has ancient ruined castles.
  • Bozukkale to Kumlubuk –Kumlubuk is an authentic sandy beach with amazing scenarios. You get a relaxing feeling amidst nature.
  • Kumlubuk to Ekincik –Ekincikhas bays and mountains. The mountains consist of forests. The forest is filled with pine trees. Nature is very peaceful as the surroundings have a turquoise sea.
  • Ekincik to Asi Koyu –the place is situated in a remote bay. The tracks are beaten, and it is known as a gem that is hidden in Turkey.
  • Asi Koyu to Marmaris – At last they reach the same destination after visiting several unique places.

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