July 27, 2021

Shipping Choices for You: The Best of the Lot


Overseas shipping transportation happens to be essential at all costs. Transportation by sea is the best option for delivering your cargo from anywhere in the world. Its main advantages include:

  • low cost
  • universality (the ability to transport group, bulk cargo)
  • the ability to monitor cargo along the route

On board a sea vessel, your cargo, both grouped and overall, acquires additional safety guarantees related to the operation of water shipping lines. The Overseas shipping with Schumacher shows the smartness in the service.

Sea freight

In the logistics system, shipping is represented by a wide range of cargo delivery services. This is sea freight. In partnership with the largest linear (regular) and freight carriers, we undertake to organize the transportation of your cargo by water from any port.

At the service of the customers there is container transportation of group cargo without weight restrictions. They guarantee timely delivery to the port of destination or to the customer’s door during multimodal transport.

Delivery time depends on the choice of tariff and country of departure.

  • consultation with the calculation of the amounts of all payments;
  • providing transportation by other means of transport (road transport, railway, air) as part of multimodal delivery;
  • intraport freight forwarding;
  • monitoring of transportation at all stages;
  • cargo delivery (consolidated, overall) from the consignor’s warehouse to the port of departure and from the port of destination to the consignee’s warehouse.

The managers of, if necessary, will draw up all the relevant documentation for you and solve other issues related to customs clearance.

Container for transportation

Delivery Calculator

Delivery time depends on the choice of tariff and country of departure (presented in the calculator).

You can find out the prices for cargo transportation in the company using the “Delivery Calculator”. On the right side of the page, in accordance with your chosen parameters, the amount of the preliminary cost of shipping services will be displayed. There you can see the amount of return when insuring your cargo.

In order to find out the price in accordance with applicable international tariffs, you must specify:

  • delivery direction
  • rate
  • type of cargo and its characteristics.

When choosing the direction of cargo delivery, you will need to indicate the country and city of dispatch, as well as the city where it will be delivered. In the list of delivery points in the country you will find not only at the capital, but also all the major cities of the country.

The characteristics of the cargo are its weight and value. An additional condition is an indication of insurance of the transported goods. If you order the delivery of fragile products or jewelry – the use of insurance will be justified.

Tariffs for shipping services

As for the tariffs, on which the terms and cost of delivery depend, there are three of them:

  • express
  • optimal
  • economy

The international container shipping of America and its logistics services is carried out in accordance with international standards and accepted business practices. They are constantly striving to improve the safety of cargo transportation (combined, overall).

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