July 27, 2021

Greece: The Land Of Diverse Experiences And Memories

Visiting Greece last summer was a dream come true for me and my sister. Greece, which is a beautiful fusion of the old and the new, with volcanic cliffs forming the perfect backdrop for historical ruins on one side and the mesmerizing blue of the Mediterranean. Athens, Santorini, Oia; my sister and I were hooked onto Greece travel, the moment we set foot on Greek soil. The impact of the first few days was so beautiful and enchanting that we thought it would be a crime not to provide a sneak peek into what awaits travellers when they do decide to visit Greece. 

We had planned our stay for most of the duration in Santorini, one of the most famous Greece destinations to visit. It did not take us long to understand why it is called the “Diamond of Aegean”. It is not only spectacularly beautiful; staying in Santorini makes for a unique experience, such that is available nowhere else in the world. The idea of creating this Greece vlog is to show everyone the beauty of Santorini. This magic of this place needs to be seen to be believed. 

It was so difficult to ignore the allure of the turquoise waters, to simply let the cool waters wash over you and then simply soak up the sun. We would round off our day with a picturesque walk through the beautiful villages with its whitewashed houses and of course dining at the lovely restaurants which dot santorini Greece. 

Santorini is also famous for its sunsets. Each evening, the sky seems to take on a different hue and make this town look almost ethereal. It would not be wrong to say that it is not only one of Greece best places to visit; it is the place to visit in Greece!

But while Santorini formed a perfect backdrop for our vlog, it was the small village of Oia which took out breath away. Carved straight out of the cliffs which surround it with typical “cave houses” showcasing white walls but colourful roofs, no santorini Greece vlog can be complete without a mention of Oia. Architecture which is typically Greek dots this small village and the food here is simply divine. 

But it was the famous Oia sunsets which left us completely spellbound and in awe of the art of nature. It was the highpoint of our santorini Greece holiday. While experiencing it from a café provided us with a glimpse of the splendour, taking a boat out into the sea added a completely different dimension to the sunset. It made us one with nature where all the sights and sounds paled and the serene calm of the slowly disappearing sun over the cliffs invoked a sense of peace and making us feel one with nature. 

The Greece beaches, the architectural wonders, the nightlife, the food and the friendliness of the locals; all these are things we have tried to capture in our vlog. While the beauty might be visible, the essence of Greece can only be felt by coming here. So start planning soon! 

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