July 23, 2021

Need A Car Rental? In Miami You Can get It All


If you and three other people are going on a short trip in Miami, in which the journey does not exceed five hours on the road, renting a car can be a viable alternative. This is because, in addition to convenience, costs can be equivalent, or just slightly higher, than four bus tickets added together. In this case, the comfort and freedom to come and go at any time you like are valuable benefits.

This is the choice of each user, but must be taken into account when choosing the transport. Also compare the prices of taking the same route by taxi, uber or even public transport. As you choose the exotic car rental miami you can expect the best results there.

Calculate fuel costs

The daily rate is not the only one to be taken into account. Remember that the price of gasoline must be calculated as well, as it can considerably affect the final value of the trip. If the route you are going to take has tolls, don’t forget to add them to your account.

Speaking of fuel, the rental companies generally inform that the car must be delivered with a full tank, otherwise, an additional amount will be charged, which usually costs more than filling the tank at the gas station.

Stay tuned for additional discounts and charges

As said, delivering the car with a full tank can avoid an additional amount to be paid on delivery of the vehicle. Stay tuned for additional charges:

  • Check if the rental company charges an additional price for the vehicle to be delivered to a store other than the one where the rental was made.
  • Check the prices and models of the cars on several sites, so you guarantee the best cost benefit
  • There are usually discounts for rental cars that are reserved in advance.
  • Stay tuned if you are hiring free mileage or controlled mileage. In the free one, you pay the daily rate, which includes the use of the mileage, while in the subsidiary, you are charged for each kilometer traveled with the car.
  • Generally, credit cards offer travel insurance, which can help a lot on your trip. However, do not rely solely on this protection in traffic, as it normally does not cover third parties.
  • Require proof of contract termination from the rental company.

Know the local rules

Are you going to rent a car? Then know the local legislation. For example, in countries like Canada it is not allowed to overtake school buses when students are disembarking. Or even in the city of São Paulo that certain vehicles cannot travel during peak hours.

Annual car rental

There are many amenities in hiring a car for a short period, but have you ever thought about renting a car annually? Whoever makes an annual car contract, has several advantages, both for the pocket, as for the convenience.

  • For the pocket, you are free of taxes, maintenance and insurance, because in the contract, these services are usually included. For your convenience, it is not necessary to worry about all the bureaucracy of buying a new car, getting a license and the subsequent problems that can happen.
  • If you make an online reservation, it is quite possible that you will need a credit card to complete the order and pay the entire contract.

Using the Payment Optuions

However, in addition, it is very likely that you will need a credit card for the rental company to pre-authorize payment.This pre-authorization of payment means that the rental company will block an X amount from your credit card (in my case it was R $ 1,000.00), as a guarantee in case of any problem with the vehicle.But rest assured, because if everything is in order by the time you return it, the amount is refunded at the same time.


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