July 23, 2021

Must-Sees for a Trip to Canada’s West Coast

When Americans talk about Canada, most of the discussion seems to revolve around the country’s eastern portion. Cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal often seem to dominate the discussion, leaving the western portion of the country in their shadow. That being said, Canada’s west coast still has some amazing locations, even if they often go underappreciated. So if you’re looking to visit the western half of Canada, what are some of these great attractions that you need to check out, and what makes them so great? Here are must-sees for a trip to Canada’s west coast.


If you’re going to be visiting Canada’s west coast, you absolutely need to check out Vancouver. Even though the city is often overshadowed by the likes of Toronto and Ottawa, there are still plenty of things that would make you want to look for homes for sale in Vancouver. First, the climate is relatively mild, even though Canada has a bad reputation for being extremely cold. In addition, Vancouver is located right by the coast, meaning fresh seafood and cruises are abundant in the area. Finally, Vancouver has a growing nightlife scene with an abundance of entertainment options. With good food, good weather, and good fun to be had, what’s not to like about Vancouver?

Mount Revelstoke National Park

One thing that Canada has an abundance of is great national parks, and the west coast is no different. Mount Revelstoke is one of the region’s best national parks simply due to the wide range of activities it has to offer people of all ages. For outdoor enthusiasts, many hiking trails are available. These trails range in difficulty, meaning you choose to challenge yourself or just take a leisurely stroll. However, reaching the peak isn’t that difficult, meaning if you want an amazing view, you won’t need to work that hard for it. In addition, the park has a wide range of special events you can enjoy, meaning there’s almost always something special to look forward to when you visit. If you want to visit a great national park while on the west coast, then Mount Revelstoke could be a great place to start.

Emerald Lake

An extremely unique outdoor attraction that you can find on Canada’s west coast is Emerald Lake. As the name suggests, this lake is a beautiful blue-green color, making it a sight to behold. Many visitors love coming to Emerald Lake, as the area is perfect for camping and water activities like canoeing. The lake gets its beautiful green hue from powdered limestone, and is a truly unique sight. There are also several nearby mountain ranges as well, creating an absolutely stunning backdrop for an already beautiful scene. To top it all off, Emerald Lake is home to a world-class luxury lodge, so if you want high-end accommodations to relax in, the area can provide it. If you’re into seeing beautiful and unique sights, Emerald Lake can be the perfect place to visit.

Jasper National Park

Another great national park in the western portion of Canada is Jasper National Park. This park is the largest park in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, spanning almost 7,000 miles. Due to its location in the Rocky Mountains, Jasper has some truly stunning mountain peaks to visit. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in this massive park, including hiking, fishing, kayaking, and camping. Jasper National Park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, as here you’ll find animals such as wolves, grizzly bears, elk, and bald eagles. If you’re really feeling adventurous, climbing to the top of one of Jasper’s peaks and getting up close to some fascinating wildlife can be a great way to satisfy your thrill-seeking.

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