July 27, 2021

Everything you need to know about steak

Steak is undoubtedly one of the most loved dishes. But getting your hands on the perfect steak is something we believe is a myth. Well, the right steak is something you should be enjoying. And once you have the right steak, you will eventually be able to have the best thing. 

But, steak also has a lot of facts that are still unknown. This has eventually contributed to steak is one of the mysterious dishes. If you think that you know everything steak, there are high chances that you aren’t aware of it right. Well, right from the experts, we bring to you some of the unknown facts about steak. 

Cows are usually made 40% of steak

This surely happens to be one of the most underrated facts. Most of us don’t know it, but cows are 40% made of steak. You will eventually be surprised to know how much red meat the cow can produce. If you take into consideration the beef’s weight, 40% of it will be edible meat, which is mostly the delicious steam. Therefore, if you have cattle at the house, you will know that you get the chance to enjoy many steak dinners. 

Grilling gives the best steak

Although there are a lot of steak recipes, grilling has always been one of the best choices to cook steak. Experts at Rib N Reef suggest that grilling steak will eventually help you get your hands on the best flavourful meat. Grilling, being a slow process will allow the heat to melt evenly and in a balanced way so that you can make the most out of it. 

Steak means the meat of a stick

Most of us don’t know this, but steak literally translates to meat on the stick. Steak is often referred for beef, but it actually means a slice of meat, irrespective of the animal you eat it from. The word is derived from the Saxons, who were experienced cattle rustlers. They used the term “steik” to make reference to meat on the stick. 

Memorial Day is the popular day

Memorial Day is often considered to be the best time for consuming beef. Labor Day and Fourth of July, is surely one of the most popular times. 

The rump is underrated

Although the tough kind of meat is one of the best ones, it often gets ignored. The tougher part of the meat is rich in flavors even more than that of filet mignon. Also, it is one of the most affordable parts. 


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