July 23, 2021

Even If Unlock Has Started, Keep Your Travel Plans Minimized

After more than three months of lockdown, the unlock phase has started around the world. It was in March 2020 when most of the nations had recognized the need for imposing the lockdown for the safety of people and stop the spread of the corona outbreak. All kinds of business has come to stand still, and people were locked down in their homes. Life on earth seems to have a break for a while, which unfortunately extended to more than 100 days.

But, as lockdown affected economies around the world, with guidelines to follow for fighting COVID-19, the unlock has started. It means businesses are running again and life seems to be back on track with social distancing, face mask, and sanitizers being the part of new-normal.

Travel and tourism industry is the one which has seen the worst impact of lockdown. But as the flights and trains are being in operation again, many people are thinking of blueprinting their travel plans. The frustration of not being able to move out and have fun is understandable, but the importance of taking precautions and avoiding unimportant travels, whether long-distance or short distance, is many steps ahead of the frustration. 

Researchers and medical experts are putting their all to develop a vaccine, but it will take time (maybe a month or two, who knows). Until then, staying indoors as much as we all can is the shield to fight corona.

Now, some people are on their trips using their cars. At first, it seems like a safe option to indulge the fun, but it is safe until they don’t step out of the car. Friends have started planning their Goa trips in the coming months, and families are thinking about visiting a sacred place. Why? The virus is still out there, and the risk of getting infected is increasing day by day. The unlock is imposed so that people can start earning a livelihood again, not that to wander without an important reason.

In India, people are waiting for the festival of Raksha Bandhan so that they can travel to their brothers and sisters to celebrate. Yes, the celebration is important, and rituals also need to be performed but not at the risk of life. Hence, it is better to use services like rakhi online India at least this year.

It has been seen that people have started visiting their favourite restaurants to treat themselves with deliciousness and world-famous eateries like McDonald’s are witnessing a substantial footfall. By keeping the travel plans minimized, we meant every single travel, which is unnecessary. There are applications providing home delivery services of food, and many restaurants have also started home delivery services then why to visit the place and enjoy the food at risk.

We all have to believe that Covid-19 is not here for always, but until it is, we must try our best to keep ourselves and others safe. There will surely be time again when you can plan and travel wherever you want and that too, without the risk and fear.

‘’Travelling is exploring the self, but some breaks make exploration better.”


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