July 23, 2021


Ziplining is one of the fascinating past time activities worldwide. There are several options in ziplining. You can choose to go ziplining in the metropolitan areas with a surrounding of skyscrapers. You can also go in the outdoor regions where you can zipline over a snow-covered tundra, over a waterfall, or through a jungle with a view of the beautiful canopy below you. When it comes to ziplining, there are variations in height configurations, environment, and scenery. However, before you go for ziplining, there are some considerations you should make for your safety and enjoyment.

Check if the ziplining company is legitimate and licensed.

Like any other industry, there are many ziplining companies out there. Before you settle for one, ensure it is legitimate and licensed to offer ziplining activities in the involved state. Some have been on the business for quite a long time to provide you with quality services full of expertise.

Consider how focused they are on your safety and see if they meet the standards for offering the thrilling ziplining experience.

Consider their safety equipment.

In ziplining, safety comes first before everything else. There are safety requirements that ziplining companies should meet before they are licensed to offer ziplining services. For instance, the zipline cable should be standard and robust, adequately rated for weight and speed. Suppose any piece of equipment is not standard; for example, a cracked helmet, as minor as that sounds, do not risk it.

Please do not hesitate to enquire what they do to ensure their equipment safety and how frequently they service them. Generally, find out what the company does to keep the course safe to ensure your safety.

The type of the ziplining course

Ziplining varies, and it is essential to know what course you are getting into and see if it will satisfy your expectations. There are ziplines and zipline courses. A zipline course/ tour involves several ziplines, while a zipline is a single zip where you ride from one end to another. 

A zipline is the most basic one, but with a zipline course, other activities are involved, such as hiking to get from one zipline to the other. Additionally, it may take several hours to complete a zipline course, so ensure you ask if there are amenities between the ziplines such as restrooms, drinking water or food, etc.

The braking method

In ziplining, you have to break, either in between the line or at the end of the zipline. There are various braking styles with different companies. One is the active braking that requires the involvement of the rider. Or it can be passive breaking where the zipline automatically brings you to a safe stop. 

Consider the merits and demerits of each by asking the company why they choose one over the other.

Empty your pockets

Many companies recommend that you empty your pockets when going for a ziplining activity. Plus, you do not want to lose your things in the jungle. Ask the instructor about the dress code and shoes early enough so that you go prepared.

The takeaway

Ziplining is exciting and allows you to enjoy the adrenaline rush. A little fear is normal, but you have nothing to worry about as long as the safety checks and measures are in place.


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