July 27, 2021

5 Ways To Spend Quality Time In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the largest city in the US state of California is famous as the center of the Hollywood entertainment industry and is the second-most populous city of the country. Its Mediterranean climate, Ethnic diversity and the view of breathtaking mountains are worth discussing. 

If you are planning to travel to different cities, pack your bags and book a flight ticket for Los Angeles California. There are many interesting things to do in Los Angeles from hop-on-hop-off double Decker bus tour to the experiences in universal studios. Here are 5 top things that you can do while you are in the city.

1. Hollywood Sights

Hollywood located in the downtown of Los Angeles in the hills of Santa Monica Mountains, which contains a Hollywood sign. Behind the scenes tour at universal studios, a refreshing walk at the Hollywood walk of fame, a show at Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood celebrity homes and Warner bros Studio tours and many other things that you can do in Los Angeles. To summarize, book a Hollywood city tour and experience as many things you can and praise the beauty that the city of Los Angeles contains within itself. 

2. Getty Centre

Getty center is famous for its outstanding views since December 1997 and is a top priority of the tourists because of its lush gardens, and the architecture that makes the Getty center a hub for art and Getty museums. You can see the Los Angeles skyline clearly from here and not just this you are going to enjoy the beauty of mountains as well as the Pacific Ocean to the east. 20th-century paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, illuminated manuscripts and many more, are the tourist attractions of Los Angeles and attract about million people every day.

3. Santa Monica Pier

Planning to do some fun? Why not opt for a ride on the Ferris wheel? I assure you it’s going to be interesting for you. A sunset ride is always the best one with a view of breathtaking mountains. Just to let youknow, it’s the only solar-powered Ferris wheel. Apart from it there are many restaurants and not to forget Santa Monica and the beaches nearby are the perfect thing you will be wanting on your travel. Santa Monica Aquarium, outdoor concerts, movies and other activities that they offer are worth your time and money as well. It also gives you the opportunity of fishing and enjoying breathtaking views. 

4. Food Tours

Food tours are the thing that you can enjoy while you are in Los Angeles. Six taste, sidewalk food tours, Wine and dine walking tours are the food tours that are enjoyed by many people. Grand Central Market is the perfect food court where you could enjoy every type of food after a tiring day. Everybody loves food and Los Angeles gives you the margin of trying their local food to eating anything that you want. 

5. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a large municipal park located in the east of Santa Monica Mountains. Griffith Park has a long history related to it. Despite its historical importance, it contains many other activities as well. The beautiful welcome sign, view of Los Angeles skyline, mountain climbing and a beautiful sunset to relax your mind. What else can you ask from a park? There are many more interesting things to do in Griffith Park. 


Apart from the above-mentioned things Los Angeles has much to do. Los Angeles is a perfect place as your next travel destination and if you are living there you should value your city and enjoy the interesting things. Los Angeles is a hub of Hollywood but what’s not there? Everything, the city holds all the wonders of nature and modern advancements. 

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