July 27, 2021

Why Move to Malta Today?

There are many exotic places in the world you can move to. Few of them offer island life, sun, the opportunity to sail, and incredibly low taxes all within Europe. Malta fits the bill nicely. Living in the Mediterranean country is very much a possibility for EU citizens. Even if you are a non-EU citizen, there is a route to do this via residence permits and visas. Why would you choose to move to Malta today, though? Here are a few top reasons why you might wish to consider it…

Island Life in the Mediterranean

While the Mediterranean is littered with sandy beach-filled islands, few of them are actual countries. Most belong to other, larger, continental European nations. Malta is a country of its own, and it offers a wonderful slice of island life for anybody considering moving there. With an abundance of sun, beaches, and friendly locals, island life in the Mediterranean can be immediately appealing for many and Malta fulfils many of the criteria you may be looking for in that regard.

Other perks to living in Malta include it being the world’s second safest country, year-round sun, a booming economy, and English being the main language of the country.

A Yachter’s Paradise

Malta is home to one of Europe’s most notable populations of yachters. Several ports offer berths where you can moor a yacht, and there are many yacht chartering services in the country. If you want to live in a country where you can regularly set sail and cruise around the Mediterranean, then Malta could be for you. Why settle for a yachting holiday in the Med, when you can live the high life all year round?

Become a Maltese Citizen

For those of you interested in somewhere to settle down for the long haul (such as families and retirees), there is a route for Malta citizenship. EU citizens only need to reside in the country legally for six years to obtain citizenship. Non-EU nationals must live in Malta for 18 years, marry a national or set up a business with the Independent Investor Program to access citizenship.

However, unlike in many other countries, Malta’s citizenship process is relatively straightforward. It does not involve learning complicated languages, having extensive finances, or other hoops you must jump through. If you want to move to Malta for the long-term, then citizenship could be an easy road to take.

How to Move to Malta

Relocating to Malta is not as taxing as it sounds. First, you need to find somewhere in Malta that you wish to live. After doing so (either by buying a property, or leasing one), you can hire a removal company to move your things. Finding a job and arranging your residence status are the next steps to take, before finally opening a Maltese bank account. Lastly, you will want to sort out your health insurance and schools for any children you may have.

After this is done, all that is left is for you to enjoy the sandy beaches, hot sun, and calm seas of your new Mediterranean island home.

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