Attractions at the Railay Beach Krabi Thailand

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand is a small peninsula that has four beaches and kinds of other attractions to enjoy. It is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand with serenity and different atmosphere. In the single small peninsula, the tourists can enjoy four beaches with their white sands, viewpoints, limestone cliffs, hidden lagoon inside the cliffs and caves. The peninsula is only accessible by longtail boats through the sea and all visitors should reach all of the features by foot because there is no road and car on the peninsula. It is a perfect adventurous place then.

The Four Beaches

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand has four beautiful beaches such as Railay West, Railay East, Tonsai and Ao Phra Nang or also called Princess Bay. All of the beaches can only be accessed from the sea because the locations are between the high limestone cliffs. The most favorite and beautiful beach is the Railay West. It offers soft white sands, the impressive beauty of the sea, beach restaurants, and travelers’ community that love being on the island. For those who want to enjoy the nightlife, Railay East is the best beach to see although it is slightly trough. It is possible to reach all beaches on foot through the jungles.

Tham Phra Nang Nokor Princess Cave

Princess Cave is situated near the Princess Bay’s eastern end. The bay features two caves with decorative items such as offerings, wooden phallic symbols and other things that symbolize fertility. Those caves are only about 3-4 meters deep. It is commonly used by fishermen since the ancient time. They put offerings for the mythical sea princess who is believed living in the cave. They hope the sea princess can protect them from dangers and give them success in fishing.

Rock Climbing

Railay Beach Krabi Thailand is a popular rock climbing destination in the southern Thailand. The rock climbing uses French grading from 5a-8c routes. The most popular and favorite rock climbing spots are on the headland among Railay East harbor and Ao Phra Nang. It provides climbing spots for beginners and expert climbers. For those who are trying to learn about rock climbing, there are many guides at the resorts and bungalows, ready to ask for rock climbing lessons. Besides, the rock climbing gears are also completely rented.

Pangkor Laut


Malaysia is one of South East Asian countries which are blessed with many beautiful beaches. Just like the others, it also has humid and hot weather all year round. Then, the beaches become popular natural gateways for everyone to escape from artificial and luxurious man-made attractions in the cities.

Pangkor Laut

Five Best Beaches near Kuala Lumpur

Many tourists do not have much time to explore the whole countries or travel to further natural gateways along the coastline. Luckily, the busy metropolis city like KL is still surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches. Here are some best of them:

Port Dickson

With 45 minutes to an hour trip by taking a taxi, Port Dickson can be the quickest beach to visit when you are in Kuala Lumpur. It is famous for its finest seafood and known as Singapore gateway.

Batu Ferringhi

Close to the Penang Island northern coastline, 30 minutes away from the city, there is Batu Ferringhi. When you come to this place, make sure to spend more time staying at Bayview Beach Hotel and Rasa Sayang Resort. Though the water gets muddy sometimes, the beach still offers many entertaining attractions like jellyfish sightseeing.

Langkawi Island

An hour away from KL with flight, you will find a great spot for relaxing. It is Langkawi Island where you can enjoy the calm wave sound under the palm trees.

Sepang Gold Coast

If you are looking for some more luxurious retreat, Sepang Gold Coast is the place. It is just 40 minutes away from KL and claimed as one of the best resorts in Malaysia with almost 393 water villas. To fill your hunger, you can find many great restaurants offering both local and international foods.

Pangkor Island

Looking for the near but cheap beach? Pangkor Island is the answer. This economical beach close to the capital city lets you enjoy the vacation at the minimum budget with its low-cost resort areas.

How to Get to Kuala Lumpur Beaches

You can enjoy more your trip with the plenty option of transportation in Malaysia. Even to reach beaches close to KL, you are offered with different types of vehicle. You can choose among of taxi, bus, ferry, and even daily air flight to get there, depending on the exact beach location you want to go to.

chezbon hostel

Lembang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bandung. If the weekend, this area is often used as the main choice of residents of Jakarta and surrounding areas to calm down after a week long busy on the move.

Making Lembang as a tour choice is not wrong. The reason, this area has a variety of tours that can be enjoyed by tourists. Not only the natural attractions are amazing, culinary tourism in this region was very tempting.

Because it is located in a mountainous area, nature tourism in Lembang offers a beautiful panorama and cool air. Here, tourists can visit Mount Tangkuban Perahu, one of the tourism mascot of West Java. In addition, there is also Dusun Bambu Lembang, and Grafika Cikole Lembang which is a forest conservation area.

For families, there is Kampung Gajah Wonderland, an integrated tourism area that has the concept of one stop holiday. In addition, there is also D’Ranch, which has a large acreage with beautiful landscapes and equipped with restaurant facilities and souvenir shopping.

Meanwhile, culinary tour in Lembang presented in Kampung Daun. This place offers a natural gallery concept integrated with cafe (cafe and culture gallery). In addition, there is Floating Market Lembang, a floating market on the lake or situ as a center of activity.

With the variety of tours on offer, the holiday to Lembang is not enough just a day. Therefore, in Lembang has established many inns, especially the model hotels, guest houses, and villas with medium to high rates. However, that does not mean there is no lodging with cheap rates of classmates in the region. Here are some cheap hotel Rp100 thousands in Lembang.

1. Chez Bon Hostel @ Braga – Jl. Braga No.45, Bandung

chezbon hostel

The hostel is owned by Mr. Bondan Winarno, the pioneer of culinary review archipelago? This uniquely styled hostel with an antique interior is located in one of the most historic areas in Bandung, namely Jalan Braga. When the Klikhotel team visits this hostel, wow …. so very recommended to be your choice of backpacker-style travelers. In addition to the location is very strategic that earlier, at Chez Bon Hostel also you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the lobby area equipped with books and reading Wi-Fi Internet connection is quite adequate. So what are you waiting for? =), aldo read hotel murah di Bandung Lembang

The Traveling Asia Pictures That Will Leave You Mystified

Asia is a home to plethora people from various states and a cross-section of cultures spread across Asia, apart from being the continent. When you’re looking for a change of scene as far as holidays are, traveling to Asia is one you need to consider.

If you are currently looking for some fun celebrations to wait, and are likely to travel over the next calendar year. You now have some extraordinary festivals to check out during your journeys. Fret not, Asian festivals have been listed below which you must see if you see Asia anytime.

What This Asia Travel Guide is About, and What It is Not.

When you’re ready to test out something brand new traveling in Asia, is just a special experience by it self.  Once you travel Asia, you want to be certain that you have the flexibility for an occasional adventure. A word of warning at the outset though, prepare yourself which range from the eccentric to the incredulous, on critters on the street from Elephant rides Asia, is a maze that you will find amazing!

The Traveling Asia Pictures That Will Leave You Mystified

Asia is among the most extraordinary and diverse continent in terms of people and traveling destinations. Asia is one of those seven continents in the world, that has about more than half of all the planet’s populace, which they have been in China and India. Asian festivals have been given below which you must see if you visit Asia anytime.

Home for over five million individuals, Asia boasts of diverse attractions that will be difficult to pay in a single trip, though you can try visiting the best of the features that are Asian. As could possibly be so, countries like India, Malaysia Nepal, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka respectively are as different from each other.

The majority of these countries offer attractions such as panoramic beautiful architecture, art and architecture sidewalks, eccentric costumes, tasty food and habits and systems that are ingrained into the life of their folks.

Travel Asia leaves a stunning experience to tourists. When you see India, you have a choice of items to see and do. From taking an elephant ride or visiting heritage sites like Khajuraho Temples, Ellora and Ajanta Caves, and Taj Mahal, to the backwaters of Kerala, tigers in the Indian forests, experiencing an Ayurvedic health spa, or watching the majestic Himalayas, you own all of it!