July 23, 2021

Where is Dubai located, and what things can you do there?

In this article, we will discuss where Dubai is located and why it is so popular.

Also, we will discuss the different things that you can do here in Dubai on the trip are.

Where is Dubai located?

Dubai is known to be the most popular city in the whole world, and it is located in the UAE.

Dubai comes under the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai was first a small fishing village that was set up in the 18th century and has been there since then.

Here there used to live a group of fishermen who used to catch fish and sell them in the market for a living.

This is why it was called the fisherman’s village, and all the families there were fishermen.

Then when the new era started, the different groups of people and their companies started seeing opportunities.

They saw an opportunity that they can make Dubai the greatest city ever in the whole world.

They started making some buildings there and also different hotels along with roads.

They did this because it would make it easy for the people to travel to Dubai and also to bring supplies.

When time flew by, Dubai had transformed into a Metropolitan city and was very big and beautiful.

Dubai is mainly focused on hospitality and also tourism business, and they also supply oil.

This is because they have very large oil wells in Dubai, and they pump out a huge amount of oil every time.

Then there was the creation of the world’s tallest building called the Burj Khalifa and is still the one.

This tells us that there is no other building like Burj Khalifa made in this world, and it is a wonder.

The thing that makes Dubai so popular is the different kinds of things they have over there.

You can visit the aquarium, malls, hotels, parks, and also the great Burj Khalifa.

These are just some of the things that you can do in Dubai, and we will discuss more.

If you are planning the Dubai holidays, then make sure to plan and schedule everything because there is a lot to do.

What are the things to do in Dubai?

Dubai has different kinds of activities that you can choose from and then do any of them.

If you want to relax, then you can head on to the Jumeirah beach and relax over there.

They have different kinds of restaurants and also small booths made on the beach where people can sit.

You can go to the Dubai museum, aquarium, Jumeriah mosque and also Al Fahidi Fort, which is very old.

You can also visit the world’s tallest building that is Burj Khalifa also, and it is a wonderful thing to visit.

Another thing is that at night time there is a special fountain near the Burj Khalifa.

There they have lightings and also a night water show which they do, and it is very brilliant.

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