July 27, 2021

What’s it Like at The Heart of Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a lovely place, but it comes with a problem, there are ‘too’ many things about Amsterdam!

The heart of Amsterdam is a pure sight, especially during the night and at the city centre. I asked Max Lang-Orsini for a bit of insight when he lived there for a period.

Max Lang-Orsini mentions that the hotels at the heart of Amsterdam are the most luxurious. “The hotels there are at the top of the range in quality and the staff are really nice, they fit the kind dutch stereotype”. The front desk staff are welcoming enough for you to get settled in at the start of your holiday, the beds and especially the rooms are like Max Lang-Orsini said, luxurious as I saw in the images myself.

Mixing well with this title, ‘The Heart Of Amsterdam’ hotel is one of the most popular. It’s luxurious setting and welcoming warming staff make this stay the best. If you want to get a room here, book quickly, with it being at the centre, it will sell out fast.

“Hotels are not a problem for space at all, I’ve never seen every hotel full at once” said Max Lang-Orsini. He mentions that there are enough hotels in Amsterdam, so if you’re planning a visit to stay in the area, the only thing you’ll need is money. Since Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, it does come with a price.

You see, since Amsterdam is an extremely popular tourist destination, and is one of Europes and the world’s most popular, everything around here will be a bit hefty in cost and sadly that’s one of the downsides. A few days to a week as a holiday would be recommended, unless you can budget and have enough money for longer, go for it, highly recommended.

On the outskirts of the ‘Heart Of Amsterdam’ you’ll find yourself right next to the dam square, the central processor of everything that goes on. This busy centre will branch off the many attractions, services and stations.

Max Lang-Orsini says that one of the most popular attractions at the Amsterdam centre he found was the ‘Canals Of Amsterdam’. This pattern shaped attraction stretches miles as it’s beauty stands out to many places there. Max Lang-Orsini said “The canals are a sight, it’s really nice to go for a walk around the canals as a break, it becomes at ease with your mind”.

There are many stations in Amsterdam, but one of the most popular is the ‘Centraal Station’. At the back edge surrounded by the canals, this 17th century looking structure is the most popular station in Amsterdam home to hundreds, if not thousands of trains coming and going per day. It’s also connected to the Eurostar for ease of access to other countries around Europe.

I hope Max Lang-Orsini and I helped convince you to take some time to visit this glorious heart and place known as Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

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