June 23, 2021

Terms and Conditions to Rent a Car in Dubai (UAE)

Cars are the extremely preferred means to travel Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and car rentals are standard among the tourists in Dubai. Car leasing is the best method to explore Dubai, allowing you to travel much more than a taxi. If you rent a car, you can go beyond Dubai to other states of the United Arab Emirates. Before you begin your search for the best car, you must understand the terms and conditions of rent a car in dubai (UAE). You have to follow the following terms and conditions to rent a car in Dubai.

Valid Driving License:

United Arab Emirates Driving license is compulsory for all citizens. International Driving License (IDL) is mandatory for tourists (except tourists from European Union and other nations according to the declaration #126/2008); Citizens of GCC can drive a car in Dubai with their GCC Driving License. The minimum age of applicants or drivers should be 18 years to drive a car in Dubai(United Arab Emirates).

Completely Prohibited Outside The UAE:

You don’t need to drive a car outside Dubai (United Arab Emirates). It is entirely illegal to drive a rented car outside Dubai’s boundaries. For instance, if you want to travel Oman by car, you have to visit someone who has a car. You need to pay the extra charge if you go outside the UAE.

Deposit the Full Payment: 

You need to pay the entire rental amount and the security charges and credentials within 30 days during the contract signing. You need to pay the rental amount well in advance along with along security deposit.

No Smoking or Alcohol in Car:

Smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden while driving a car because it damages the person and a car both. You have to pay the AED 1000 if you found drunk. If an accident happened, then you must pay full compensation for any damages to the vehicle.

Return and Pick Up A Car:

You have to return the car to an agency within the time limit. If you wish that the driver will pick you, so need to call the office 3 hours before taking up. You have to return a car to a rental car agency in good condition and without any apparent faults and objections.

Responsibility For Any Loss Or Damage:

You will be responsible for loss or damage to the car, comprising pulling and storage limited to the extra money. Renter should give a Police report as the result of an accident or loss. If you are under 22 years old, then you should consider the total cost of the improvement within the company.

Documents Needed:

You have to deposit the essential documents before renting a car. Car rental in Dubai requires the following credentials or certificates: Emirates ID copy, Tourist Visa, valid passport with the driving license (approximately one year), visa page copy, country of passport, master card, insurance details or Visa Credit Card in your name, International Driving Permit, and many more.

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