July 27, 2021

Leaving for a Vacation: 8 Ways to Prep Your House Before Your Trip

We all love going on vacations and taking a break from all the stressful things happening in our daily lives.

If you’re already packing up for your vacation next month, don’t forget to prep up your home too. Here are eight ways to do it:

1. Ensure entry points are locked

Whether you’re in a small or big neighborhood, ensuring that there is no point of entry for a thief is very important. Check all your windows and doors, especially those that you don’t often use or mind.

We advise that you take a walk outside and inside your house. This is so you’ll be able to see every possible entrance like a broken fence. Check out even the tiniest details as you can never be so sure.

It is also highly recommended to buy some secure locks. The ones that don’t break easily. You can also install a CCTV camera or alarm for additional security.


2. Unplug the appliances and electronics

One thing that you don’t need when you get home from vacation is a high electricity bill. You might say, “But I made sure all appliances and electronics are turned off.”

Yes, they might be off, but are they unplugged?

It turns out, even if you turn off your equipment, it will continue to suck up electricity. Even if it’s in tiny amounts, it will still be a problem when it’s added on top of your bill.


3. Set your thermostat properly

Adjust your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. This will depend on the season you’re going out for a trip. By doing this, you would be saving yourself from any trouble.

Are you going out for a winter trip? Set your thermostat low but not too low.

Are you going out for a summer trip? Set your temperature high but not too high.

Don’t give yourself a headache when you get back with frozen pipes or high electric bills just because you didn’t set the thermostat temperature correctly.


4. Tend your plants

Since you’re leaving for an extended vacation, you wouldn’t want to go home to withered plants in your backyard. So, water them before leaving.

If you’ll be on a month-long vacation, you can ask a trusted neighbor or family member to water and take care of your plants while you’re away.

PRO TIP: Make a list of all of your plants and where they are located in your house. That way, it will be easier for the person to know where they are. You wouldn’t want him to miss out watering any of your plants, right?

If you can’t find someone, it might also be best to invest in self-watering plant stakes. This is also pretty handy even when you’re at home, and you tend to forget to water your plants.


5. Make sure to throw your trash

Since your house needs cleaning too before you leave, you would likely need to throw out some rotten food and other garbage.

Thus at Maid Sailors Cleaning Services Chicago, we advise that you take some time to throw out your trash. This ensures that your house is left spotless and you wouldn’t get home to a smelly home.

The last thing you need when you get home is a smelly house with fruit flies flying around your kitchen just because you forgot to do this.


6. Check your faucet for leaks

The same thing with unplugging your appliances, you should check your water faucets as well. Those tiny droplets of water coming out of them can be a big headache when added on top of your water bill.


7. Set your lights on a timer

Setting your lights automatically also helps in keeping burglars off. It’s a simple but excellent security measure.

The reasoning behind this is so that you’ll leave the impression that someone is in the house. Thus, a thief will think twice before they try to get in.

Another great alternative is setting-up motion lights. This way, when a thief comes up too close at the entrance, the light will automatically switch off, which can scare him away.


8. Ask someone to watch for your home

It’s important to ask someone you trust to watch your home, especially if you’re going away on an extended vacation. This could be your neighbor, a family member, a friend, or you can even hire a house sitter.

The important thing is that you have someone who will check and inform you if there would be any problems. Otherwise, you would be spending a lot of stressful moments on your trip.

We all want to relieve stress and enjoy during vacation. The last thing we need is to worry about the house we left. So keep your house safe and secure and save yourself from the headache and hassle by doing the eight things listed above. The best part is, when you get home from your trip, you can rest well because you don’t have a mess to clear up.

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