July 27, 2021

All That You Need to Know About Casapueblo

Carlos Páez Vilaró of the Casapueblo, sea is like a sailboat that is lost in the horizon. It is a magical as well as unique construction which you do not really know. However, it invites you your interest no doubt.

Best Accommodations in Punta del Este

It is quite difficult to explain this inexplicable. Either with words or through the photographs or the films it can be said what exactly it is. When you look from afar, it looks like a large peninsula that is called Punta Ballena. It stretches long into the ever blue sea that is just before the architecture.

The casapueblo happens to be that very place in which an artist built his very place dealing with the dreams that he had and with the artistic ideas that he carried.

Many have heard that he was the one who wanted to make a museum that will be open to the general people. Within the twists and turns the visitors can discover the artistic expressions of the place. It is really a magical experience that one can think of. However, that is not all. You can k now more as you get to know about the life of Carlos Páez Vilaró.

This artist was born in Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital on November 1, 1923. The artistic vocation he got led him in travel round the world and also visit some of the largest cities of the world. Then he returned in Uruguay in 1940s. He wanted to portray the candombe (which was one of his many passions) as well as the rhythms that are Afro-oriental. This circulated well all over the country

Carlos’s art took him in traveling the world and have a deep understanding of sculpting, painting as well as creating. Then he made the Casapueblo. This is the one that appeared as the sculpture where he was able to live, paint as well as chat with the friends about his time in travel and his art.

This art form is open every day of the year now. You can visit it and experience the magnificence that it has.

Do keep this in mind: Along with visiting the museum and having a guided tour in the house, visitors would have the chances to sleep in the place as well. The Club Hotel Casapueblo is right there, and it has turned up to be one of the most well reputed accommodations in the Punta del Este.

The Mystery behind the hand

On the very sands this form the famous Brava beach, that is more precisely in the place called the Parada 4. This is a gigantic stone hand that emerges from bowels of the mother earth. Now whose is it?

Dressed to like

The place is perfect for spending some time during the summer days of Uruguay. It is the coolest place for you now.

Chihuahua, a very special beach

It is the nudist beach of Punta del Este for years, designed for many who seek to find their own selves free by this sea and its beaches.

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