July 27, 2021

The Beginning of Fishing for You

Start fishing, you want to go fishing, very good idea especially since there will be one of the many techniques that i can suit you . We can highlight four main different fishing techniques through which you can take pleasure according to your tastes, your character and your expectations:

Coarse fishing

Often the first image of fishing that comes to mind, a seat or downright seated on the bank, a simple rod that I can assure you is no longer bamboo, a wire, a plug, some sinkers, a hook on which we have a live bait or paste. An ancestral fishing technique but which has been able to modernize. Little equipment is necessary, a quick fishing to set up but which requires a certain attention, if you need to fix your attention to forget your worries or by habit, nothing better than to fix the multicolored cap and to see it shiver before literally sinking. Fishing as well pleases children as well as adults , at sea or in fresh water, there is always a way to have a good time at the water’s edge and the touches are numerous and frequent. Try this easy fishing, even for a beginner, which allows you to relax while catching fish. You can read more here now.

Start fishing

Landing fishing

The technique of fixed fishing consists of casting a bait using a rod and a reel and waiting patiently for the fish to appear . If you like to have your comfort, with equipment available, turn to surfcasting at sea, or to carp fishing in fresh water for example. Two fishing techniques for perfectionists who require thoroughness and time, sometimes you will have to set up a real camp to satisfy your passion. It is ideal for meeting by the water alone or with friends for good moments of sharing and fishing.

Lure fishing

You hardly hold in place, are rather sporty, for you fishing should rather be akin to a hunt, you like discovery, fishing with lures is made for you. With a see two rods, a box of lures, you are ready to browse all the bodies of water, to scrutinize every detail that will allow you to define where to launch your lure and how to animate it in order to arrive at your goal: to lure the fish! Lure fishing is an active fishing which awakens your instinct of “predator”, you will have to put yourself in the place of the fish and try to understand its behavior.

Fly fishing

You liked the film “In the middle of a river” , you are in love with the beautiful gesture, the world of insects interests you, you are surely a fly fisherman in the soul. With your nimble hands you will be able to ride your own flies and occupy the long winter evenings while waiting to be able to become one with the river. Even if this technique may seem difficult to master do not worry, the best fly fisherman was also a beginner one day , try to be advised by an experienced fly fisherman or to practice with a fishing guide , they will know how to transmit their knowledge and their passion.

Fly fishing

Even if there are other more sophisticated fishing techniques than the others, you will be able to choose more easily the fishing that can match you among these 4 choices, just to save time and quickly catch the fishing virus , we wish you!

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