July 27, 2021

Orlando Choices for the Best Hotels Now

The metropolitan area of ​​Orlando has nearly 2 million inhabitants, and receives more than 50 million tourists every year! Its hotel infrastructure is related: it is now the second largest in the USA. The city also has a SeaWorld and the largest Mac Donald’s in the world. The center of the city is being restored, with the creation of a new theme park, Gatorland.

The name Orlando comes from a soldier killed during the war against the Seminole Indians (around 1836): Orlando Reeves.

The Best Amusement Parks

Most of the amusement parks are along Route 4, such as Disney, 16 km from Orlando to the southeast. The city of Orlando is not very interesting in itself. The 5 Disney parks are each as large as that of Paris. And you have to add two water parks … it takes a week to see everything! The complex also offers dozens of hotels and hundreds of restaurants. You can find cheaper tickets at wholesalers on Route 4. Now you can go for the find your perfect orlando hotel options also. You need to find a hotel that is perfect. The view to the cityscape and the entertainments to the life can be important there.

The Best Landscapes for Orlando

The two Universal parks are 8 km from Orlando on the same road. Between these two monsters of attraction, you can also see the Wet & Wild, the Sea World and dozens of others, succeeding each other in the middle of hotels and restaurants, just like in Kissimmee, on route 192, 8km east of Orlando. There are cheaper hotels here than elsewhere. Prices in Lake Buena Vista are rather average too expensive, but the hotels are close to the Disney park. The Portofino Bay hotel in Universal Park is very luxury. Cheaper hotels also exist around Universal, at the various exits of Route 4 or on International Drive. For the proper food also you can have the smartest choices, India Palace restaurants, Khasiyat, Five Star South Indian Food & Catering and Bawarchi Indian Cuisine. They offer some of the best Indian food and if you are interested to have a proper taste of it, then you can try these indian restaurants.

With a pass, it’s cheaper

If you plan to go to a large number of attractions, the Go Orlando Card will give you very significant discounts (click on the image). Do not forget to look on the websites which attractions you can do depending on the size of your children. And plan your day well according to the schedules of the main shows. A paper and a pencil can thus be useful.


Western beaches are pleasant and just under two hours away, like Clear water Beach near Tampa. In addition, the water is warmer there than in the Atlantic! Otherwise, to the east, you have the small village of Cocoa Beach (south of Canaveral) or Melbourne Beach which are very pretty.  If you want to stay near the beach, then there are options for the same as well. Follow the hotel news and find the perfect deals.

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