June 23, 2021

Tips and what to know when visiting Vietnam


Vietnam is an excellent tourist attraction country. Vietnam is famous and many visit there. When touring any place, you have to learn some basic things so as not to encounter any trouble. Some of the tips to learn before visiting Vietnam are;


The visa is the first thing you need to sort out before visiting Vietnam. You have to learn about the Vietnam visa cost, applying for the visa, especially if you plan to stay for longer than 15 days. You can apply for the visa online where your visa application letter can be approved quickly.


Vietnam has three regions of weather, and hence it can be hot and sunny, and then cold. It would be best if you are always prepared for the weather changes to have a better experience in Vietnam.


One may be afraid of wearing shorts in Vietnam, fearing that there are restrictions in clothing, but in truth, you can wear whatever you want. Do not suffer from excessive heat when you can wear shorts and lightweight shirts.

Means of travel

In Vietnam, you can hire a motorcycle to travel around. The taxi can also be used, but you must be careful not to take a cab that will hike the prices. The sleeper bus is the most incredible means of travel in Vietnam. The seats are inclined in a way you can stretch your feet. It is suitable for traveling, cheap and comfortable.

Street food 

Vietnam is all about the culture, and street food is the best. If you go for high-end cuisine, then you will miss the whole point of visiting Vietnam. The street food is delicious, and the experience is incredible. The food is also cheap.


Wi-Fi is free and is almost everywhere, even in cheap hotels. The Wi-Fi is excellent and fast; hence you will always be connected.


In Vietnam, the prices are not fixed, and it provides the opportunity to haggle. It is common to bargain and give you another experience if you are used to buying goods with fixed prices. Haggling will help you get better rates and a good experience when engaging in buying of goods.


If you are new to Vietnam, money might confuse you. The 20,000 dong is similar to the 500,000 dongs; hence be very careful not to lose your money. In traveling, you can use the US dollar or the dong. Using the dong is cheaper when going. Ensure you know the rates of exchange to get the best price.


Vietnam is a safe place free from terrorists. One must, however, be careful to avoid the petty thieves and taking some measures such as not exposing expensive things in the streets. Always keep your phone and camera well-hidden to prevent any thief from snatching it.

Bottom line

Vietnam is an excellent place to visit if not the best. To have the best experience in paying a visit to Vietnam, ensure you follow the tips above. When visiting any place, one should always be aware of everything, and it is not different in Vietnam.




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