July 27, 2021



The word Kodaikanal means a canopy of blue and is one of the most famous hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The city witnesses the chirping of birds, calm waterfalls, fresh air, and a very beautiful canopy of plants regularly. The town is mesmerizing in itself and offers a warm welcome to the visitors. The beautiful horse rides, cycle rides add to the amazing trip. The best time to visit Kodaikanal is between April to June or August to September.


There are many comfortable and beautiful places to stay while on a trip to Kodaikanal. Some of the best residential places are mentioned below-

  1. The Carlton– A 5-star hotel on the beautiful hill of Kodaikanal is located on the tip of the lake. This hotel gives an out of the world feeling and describes the beauty of this breathtaking hill station perfectly. The Carlton stands have stately rooms with a colonial charm and very pristine terrace gardens offering many in-house activities like boating.
  2. Lilly’s Valley Resort– It is a unique resort set amidst terrace gardens on a wooded land of three acres. The resort is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and the resort also follows the old tradition of maintaining stone cottages which are detailed in the British style.
  3. Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel- A 100-acre natural reserve that provides organic farming and welcomes tourists and nature lovers from all around. It is the last settlement on the borders of National Forest which is home to wildlife and many sanctuaries of Kerala. The resort is situated on a very old migration route.
  4. Sterling Kodai Lake– Sterling lake, is a charming resort with extruding countryside elegance.
  5. Fairway Inn Kodaikanal– The Fairway Inn in the city offers a very unique combination of beauty, seclusion and offers a chance to make everlasting memories.
  6. Sterling Kodai Valley– Showing off a unique architecture, Sterling Valley is considered to be an ideal destination for recreation or business in the Princess of Hill stations.
  7. The Fern Creek-The world has people who have hectic schedules and monotonous routines. The Fern Creek is a place where time stands still and it helps in refreshing the body, mind, and soul.
  8. Green Pastures– A hill country resort with breathtaking landscapes and a rugged country charm with facilities designed contemporarily is actually what a Hill station strives to offer.

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