July 27, 2021

6 Reasons Why Every Avid Hiker Should Hike Mount Kilimanjaro After Lockdown

Hiking aficionados everywhere are stuck at home, waiting for the opportunity to start seeing the world finally.

Now, before you preemptively pack your hiking poles in the excitement, you might want to be more deliberate about the first place you hike to after the lockdown. Since you have free time, you might want to do more research on iconic hiking locations around the world.

With that in mind, may we suggest hiking Mount Kilimanjaro?

If you still haven’t been to Mount Kilimanjaro or haven’t ever considered hiking there before, read on. Here are six reasons that could convince you to start planning for a hiking trip to Mount Kilimanjaro after this lockdown:

1. Easiest of the Seven Summits

As an avid hiker or mountaineer, you should know about the Seven Summits. Nonetheless, let’s start by explaining what the Seven Summits are.

The Seven Summits are the highest peaks in the seven continents of the world. Several iterations can expand upon the Summits. However, the most basic version is as follows:

  1. Aconcagua – South America
  2. Denali – North America
  3. Kilimanjaro – Africa
  4. Vinson – Antarctica
  5. Elbrus – Europe
  6. Everest – Asia
  7. Kosciuszko – Australia

Many expert hikers or mountaineers can take on the Seven Summits, which is what makes it such an achievement to climb.

However, with Mt. Kilimanjaro, you don’t need any technical mountaineering skills to hike it. Nonetheless, it would be best if you still prepared for it, especially the shift in altitude.

2. It’s an Iconic Hike

After all of us are free from the grip of this worldwide phenomenon, the first trip you take should be iconic. It represents your freedom so you might as well make the most of it.

Therefore, going to your local hiking trail for a day trip isn’t going to cut it. You should tackle something that will make a lasting impression, and for that, the Kilimanjaro has your back.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa, so to not say it is iconic is an offense. Kilimanjaro isn’t only the highest peak in Africa; it’s also the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

A freestanding mountain means it’s not a part of a mountain range. If you want to make your next hike after the lockdown worth it, then you can start with conquering Kilimanjaro.

3. Home to Most Fascinating Animals

The mountain itself is a one-of-a-kind place, but it’s also home to a lot of unique and fascinating animals that are hard to find anywhere else.

Of course, you might not be able to find some or all of these rare animals on your hike since they are rare. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye out for them.

One of the rare animals that you can find in Kilimanjaro would be the aardvark. With a pig-like snout, it sniffs for and consumes ants and termites. Another animal to look for would be the crested porcupine. They will undoubtedly be an exciting find with their bristly exteriors that are tough and sharp enough to down a lion.

There is much more wildlife that you should look out for on your hike, so make sure that you keep your eyes wide open.

4. It’s Well Maintained

One of the things you can look forward to should you hike Mt. Kilimanjaro is its proper maintenance. There is a dedicated team handling the mountain’s support, so you won’t have to brave the wilderness too much when you climb it.

The Kilimanjaro National Park Authority, or the KINAPA, manages the trails. You can find the KINAPA headquarters at the beginning of the Marangu Route, which is the start of the hiking trail up Kilimanjaro. Their office is right by the Marangu Gate.

5. Enjoy a Personal Accomplishment

After every hike atop a mountain, people always feel a great sense of accomplishment. However, hiking up such an iconic mountain as the Kilimanjaro is even more of an achievement than your usual hikes.

With only a 66% success rate of hikers (mainly due to the altitude issues), you’ll undoubtedly feel accomplished and elated once you see the peak.

The hike itself will take you a week or so to accomplish. However, it’s still very accessible. So if you want to feel the superb personal accomplishment, then consider hiking Kilimanjaro.

6. Guaranteed Awesome Photo Opportunities

There are a lot of photogenic sceneries when you climb up Kilimanjaro. Therefore, you would be a fool not to memorialize it through photos.

Once you reach the snowy peak of the mountain, you’ll see the clouds around you and the white snow.

You’ll also see a sign that congratulates you for reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro. You can take a photo with it for memories’ sake.

Final Say

While the pandemic is going on, we must stay responsible and stay at home. In the meantime, this opportunity is the best time to start diving deep into your hiking bucket list. After all, it hasn’t stopped us from planning our future travel plans.

There’s nothing like coming out of the lockdown and start it by achieving an accomplishment as significant as hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Thus, if you’re itching for an iconic hike now, consider hiking up Kilimanjaro once the lockdown is over.

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