July 23, 2021

What are the top attraction points in Zacatecas city in Mexico?

The tourist attractions and the countless hotels make this city an unforgettable destination. In the afternoon, the Zacateca sky is lit up with bright colors just before sunset. Artificial lights highlight every detail of its architectural treasures and create a perfect contrast to the blue of the night. The state of Zacatecas is homonymous with the capital and one of the largest in the country, bordering several regions. If you are wondering what are the things to do in zacatecas, we suggest you to go through  this entire article.

Cultural center, Zacatecas, Mexico

Despite its wide extension, it is one of the least populated Mexican states and the capital is distinguished by its tranquility. It stands out for being the main mining area in Mexico and has great attractions that you cannot miss when you are in the capital. From there, you can see the beauty of Cerro de la Bufa, which draws attention at any time of the day.

Within the territory of the state of Zacatecas, there is an ancient and important archaeological site that defines part of what the region is today: La Quemada. It is a portrait of the importance that family and society had for the ancestors of the first inhabitants. Currently, it is a meeting point for tourists who come with their families to visit the city and for foreigners excited to get to know Mexican culture.

Zacatecas Attractions

With so many options to offer to residents and visitors, this city is a jewel of the colonial era. Many of the tourist attractions are considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Cathedral of Zacatecas is one of the most notable symbols of the region and an excellent example of the Mexican Baroque period. It was built in the middle of the 18th century in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption and the details that adorn its interior make it an unmissable attraction. Cerro del Grillo and La Bufa are connected by a famous cable car, which receives curious tourists who want to see the city from above.

Also located in the capital, El Eden was one of the most prosperous mines after the conquest of Zacatecan territory. Today, it is an attraction that can be explored by train. La Quemada is another area that all visitors should visit during their first days in the city. It was an archaeological city whose history dates back to 400 AD according to its remains. The Museo Zacatecano displays a collection of the transcendental artifacts of the Huichol people, which still resides in some regions of the state. It opens every day from 10 am to 5 pm and is in the center of the capital.

Be sure to follow these tips to enjoy Zacatecas

On your first visit, it is almost mandatory to walk along Avenida Hidalgo to see the main of the historic center of Zacatecas. On this single street, it is possible to appreciate the city’s religious and architectural history. So now that you know “what to do in zacatecas city”, what are you waiting for?

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