July 23, 2021

Planning For Your Stay in Charleston, SC

While you are planning a trip to Charleston there are many things to consider while deciding which place to experience.  Finding the best places to stay in Charleston, SC can be a bit tricky.  There are many things to consider like paid parking, location to the things to do in Charleston, proximity to restaurants and local nightlife, the type of hotel you are looking for like historic inns or more modern hotels with amenities and creature comforts, hotels with pools, gyms, kitchens, restaurants, you get the drift.

 Let’s start with the main areas of Charleston.  Downtown Charleston is known as Charleston peninsula.  In this area there are many hotels, historic Inns and bed and breakfast.  Downtown Charleston has some hotels with rooftop bars with amazing views, cobblestone streets, one-way streets and lots of history, food and southern charm.  There are lots of shopping opportunities, coffee shops and things to do in the downtown area.   Parking may be a bit of a challenge, make sure your meter is fed if you park on the streets. Look for paid lots you can pay a one time fee or park in a parking garage but watch out for height restrictions.  There are a few parking garages near the visitor center with places for larger trucks to park.  If you decide to go for a walk  remember to wear comfortable shoes and watch your step on the historic sidewalks and crosswalks as sometimes some of the historic parts of downtown are not the most even surfaces.

 The Mt. Pleasant area has some great modern hotels with pools, gyms, free onsite parking and plenty of shopping.  Mt Pleasant has the Shops of Commons, outlet mall, restaurants on the water, outdoor activities, and a nice boardwalk along Shem Creek for you to stroll about and see some great wild sea life.  In Shem creek, you will see dolphins, pelicans and sometimes you see shrimp boats after a day out in the ocean fishing.  Mt Pleasant is close to two beaches, Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island. Both Islands are great places to explore, but be sure to have your camera ready, you’ll definitely want to catch some good photos to show your friends when you return home.

West of the Ashley is just across the Ashley river bridge that separates downtown from West Ashley.  This area has some shopping, local restaurants including sushi, bbq, and some local pizza hot spots that serve local beer.  As for hotel pricing, West Ashley hotels prices are little less than other areas, but you will need transportation if you are planning to go sightseeing. As for parking, there are plenty at all major hotels.  Be sure to pack your swimsuit and jump into the pool, also bring plenty of your preferred sunscreen and a change of clothes, the sun and humidity can be a factor.

 Next is North Charleston.  This is where the Charleston International Airport is located.  There is also an outlet mall, lots of restaurants and home to some of Charleston’s light industrial areas.  There is a County park with a water park if you are looking for family fun.   North Charleston is centrally located, but traffic can slow you down depending on the time you’re on the road.  Interstate I-26 will take you right to the areas you are looking for so be sure that whatever experience you’re looking for, locate your perfect places to stay in areas that make sense.  Charleston.com has information on areas and places in those areas that will be most suitable for you.  I hope this blog is  helpful, Charleston has been named the #1 city in America to travel eight years in a row.  We hope you enjoy looking at Charleston as a place you and your family will want to visit.

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