July 23, 2021

What Are Some Of The Best Travel Destinations In The World?


Have you already thought about where to travel this year? If you still don’t have any plans and you are looking for countries to make a great trip, a getaway, or even a special place that you want to remember forever. You can also check your best travel insurance.

  1. Nepal, The Country Of The Himalayas

For adventurers, intrepid mountain-lovers dream of contemplating the planet’s peaks. They say that once you see them, they stay with you forever. Nepal is a destination to rediscover

With an eternal smile, they still overcome the footprints and scars of the terrible earthquake that hit the country in 2015. Nepalese are the most welcoming people I have ever known. Hospitality is evident when visiting the Kathmandu Valley’s centuries-old temples, the towns of Newar architecture such as Bandipur, or the trails between forests and waterfalls on the way to Annapurna Base Camp. One of those places that mark and that I will always want to return to and it has cheap travel insurance.

  1. French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a destination to know yes or yes. Papeete is the capital of the island of Tahiti, the largest in French Polynesia. It houses many cultural centers, the most important botanical garden, the well-known Monoï body products factory, and much more.

On the other hand, the best beaches are undoubtedly in Bora Bora, but if we want to enjoy nature in its purest form, we have to go to the neighboring island of Moorea.

  1. Witches

For us, an essential place is Bruges, one of the best-known cities in Belgium, located in the province of West Flanders and known as the ‘Venice of the North for its beautiful canals, and it has a historic center declared as the heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in the year 2000 so you can imagine that it is worth visiting.

To get to know the city, you will only need one day, if you have more you will be able to enjoy the city more calmly, but 24 hours is enough. One of the places that you cannot miss is the Cathedral of San Salvador. The Beguinage of Bruges, Minnewater, Grote Markt, Burg square, Rozenhoedkaai, Church of the Holy Blood, and as a lesser-known place the Mills of Santa Ana outskirts of the city but highly recommended for their charm.

Usually, people who visit Bruges spend the day in the city and leave at dusk for Brussels. We recommend that you sleep in the city, it is beautiful, romantic and much quieter than the rest of the day.

And as an extra recommendation, you cannot leave Bruges without trying Belgian waffles or some of their chocolate products, all of them exquisite.

  1. Toronto

Canada is a desired destination for everyone, but make no mistake, and it is not cheap until now. The Canadian dollar is significantly devalued against the euro, and we have many air connections to the capital of Ontario.

If there is a word to describe this city, it is multiculturalism; it is the city with the largest non-national resident population in the world. This international and tolerant atmosphere can be seen in the markets, festivals, and lively neighborhoods. Besides, the leisure options are endless as Toronto is one of the significant Canadian cities. Another plus point is the excellent public transport. An efficient network of metro, buses, and trains will make it easier for you to move around the city at ease and it also has cheap travel insurance.

But Toronto is also your gateway to the country. Apart from the famous Niagara Falls, you can start your trip through the east coast cities (Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec) or fly to Vancouver on an internal flight and discover the west coast of Canada.

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