July 23, 2021

5 Secrets to Bring Down the Flight Charges

Bringing down the flight cost is a skill only a few have mastered. Keep reading to know five secrets of bringing down the flight costs in this post. 

Flight ticket prices have reduced drastically in the last decade due to rising competition in the aviation sector. However, travellers still want to find out unique hacks to lower down their flight charges. Let’s look at 5 amazing, time-tested secrets to bring down the flight charges. 

  1. Fly with a Low-cost Airline: The first option you must try if you wish to bring down the flight ticket cost is to check the options from a low-cost airline. If you don’t know, there are primarily two types of airlines in the commercial aviation sector. One is a low-cost airline, and the other is a full-service flight. A low-cost airline offers you no-frills services and offers the lowest prices often. A full-service airline, on the other hand, focuses more on comfort than prices. With a low-cost airline, you will have to let go of some privileges such as in-flight meals, cushioned seats with more legroom, etc. However, unless you are really a stickler for premium services, you won’t feel the pinch. Moreover, you can always add-back some of these privileges by paying extra either at the time of booking or at the airport or in-flight. 
  2. Opt for No Check-in Baggage Option: Flights consume a lot of expensive jet fuel to lift all that weight off the ground. Thus, every kilo counts when you are flying. This is why all flights will pose baggage restrictions, and carrying more than permitted weight costs you extra. However, what if you have no check-in baggage at all, and all you are carrying is a 7kg check-in bag. You can use this to your advantage by opting for the only cabin-bag fare. 
  3. Opt for a Direct Flight with Stops: Non-stop flights are most preferred by passengers. On the other hand, airlines are sometimes better able to manage to fill their flights to maximum occupancy when they break the trip in between. This is especially when one or both of the two points can’t fill the plane on their own. For instance, a Delhi to Bangalore flight may have a better chance of 100% occupancy than a Delhi to Gorakhpur flight. Thus, you’ll often find such flights stopping at Lucknow before completing their journey in Gorakhpur. For passengers, this often results in lower fares. 
  4. Look for Discounts and Offers: You don’t always have to pay the maximum price shown while searching for flights. There are discounts and offers by flight booking sites which can help you lower the charges significantly. Some websites will automatically show you the applicable offers on your flight as you check out, making it easier for you to reduce the total charges.
  5. Earn or Redeem Miles: Saving the best for the last. Not always will you be able to get the best discount and offers. Irrespective of this, you can always, with certainty, bring down the flight charges by earning miles on your ticket purchases. Whether you want to bring down an international Delhi to Singapore or a domestic Hyderabad to Mumbai flight charges down, this tip will never fail you. As long as you book through a travel program website, you will earn miles on every flight booking you make. Once you have enough in your kitty, you can use them to get a free flight or claim other benefits.  

Be a Smart, Not a Cheap Traveller- Join a Mile Program

A mile program not just brings down your flight charges but entitles you to some exclusive benefits as well. Depending on the program tier you are at, you can get benefits such as free lounge access at airports, priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, complimentary seat selection, etc. Thus, be a smart traveller and join a mile program today.

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