July 27, 2021

Trips and Tricks for a successful Road Trip

A road trip is basically defined as a long distance road journey that you commence with your family, friends or sometimes a group of complete strangers. Cars are usually the preferred choices for mode of transportation. Hence you don’t have to worry about train bookings, cabs or buses etc. Every road trip is a whole experience in itself, no matter what your destination is. Nothing can be compared to a roadtrip with a group of close friends, as it will give you loads of memories that you can cherish for life. If you’re planning to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives, road trips are a perfect solution for you. MakeMyTrip offers various travel packages for you to choose from, so why wait? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while setting out for a road trip:

  • Weather and Navigation: Since you will be driving for hours at a stretch it’s very important to check the weather forecasts of that particular region before starting your journey. Nothing ruins a fun road trip more than an unexpected shower of rains. Hence make sure you plan your trip accordingly. Another important thing is to check the roadmap, and adjust your phone gps settings accordingly. Although for a few places you may not get access to the network, so it’s better to check your route in advance.

  • Food Arrangements: Food is what makes a good trip memorable and worth all the efforts, hence try and research about the restaurants where you can halt for a quick and tasty snack. You can also refer to MakeMyTrip for best suggestions on restaurants. Also when it comes to road trips, it is possible that you may not find a suitable place to eat for hours, so be prepared and carry some snacks on your own too.

  • Journal / Notebook: What’s the use of going on roadtrips if you don’t store these memories somewhere? It can be some cool spot that you found or some undiscovered waterfall or maybe a local food joint, all this needs to be noted somewhere so that it can be cherished for life. Hence make sure you take enough pictures and a journal along when you leave for your road trip. Nowadays a lot of apps are also available that can be used as digital journals which can make this task a lot easier for you.
  • Trip Advisor: A trip Advisor is a must for first time travellers. Road Trips may sound exciting and adventurous but can also prove to be dangerous for the first time travellers. A trip advisor can help you with various stuff such as hotel bookings, train ticket booking, restaurants, tourist attractions etc. Eg. MakeMyTrip has various options to select from right from hotel bookings to flight bookings all at discounted rates.

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