July 27, 2021


Are you planning to visit Jamaica soon? We have got you covered. We will tell you about all the preliminary requirements for visiting this low-risk country.  

Requirements to visit Jamaica

 You don’t need any certificate for visiting country unless you are traveling from yellow fever country. It is considered less dangerous in terms of health issues. But health facilities can be of a different standard from any western country. Dengue and leptospirosis are considered major health issues in Jamaica spread by insect’s bites. It can be avoided by using mosquito repellent and nets while sleeping. We recommend it to get vaccination against hepatitis A and B before visiting to insure safety. One important thing to keep in mind to take all your medical prescriptions accompanied by medical certificate signed by doctor and medicines in its original packaging while visiting.

Weather of Jamaica 

Jamaica is warm all year around with its amazing tropical weather. Best time to visit Jamaica is from December to April. It’s a great escape from the winters. The rainy season starts from June and last till end of November also called ‘Hurricane season’. The chances of getting in the emergency is quite low, but they have all the proper facility to deal with such kind of emergency situations. Plane tickets prices fall drastically low during this time of year. 

Culture of Jamaica

Jamaicans speak English and most people understand local language ‘Patois’. Music and dance are deep-rooted components of Jamaican culture and rely on its rich history and many cultural roots. Dancehall dance styles have been synonymous with its music. This distinctive rhythmic music, otherwise referred to as Reggae, symbolizes Jamaica’s laid-back, enjoyable culture for individuals around the world. 

Spicy jerk seasoning, also used with chicken and other meats, is Jamaica’s most popular cuisine. Two things worth trying for the Jamaican experience are a local fruit called ackee and saltfish. It is respectful to wait until the host has invited you to eat when offered food in a more formal environment.

Religion is an important aspect of Jamaican society, which has the world’s largest per capita number of churches. The most popular religion is Christianity, and it is defined by several denominations. Compared to its popularity, they practice Rastafarianism in Jamaica but have a relatively limited number of adherents. Politeness and courtesy are highly regarded as a symbol of a well-raised person in Jamaica. 

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