July 27, 2021

The ultimate guide to making your U.K spouse visa application

Most of the U.K citizens are trying to get a visa for their spouse. There are lots of couples looking for a spouse visa with their kids. The spouse has to renew the visa at least two years once. The child will not be given proper education without a spouse visa for the parent. You will not be able to take insurance without the proper spouse visa. The economic benefits of the governments will not be allocated to the person without the spouse visa. The acquisition of certification for a2 English test is the basic requirement to get the spouse visa. 

Location-Based Visa application

There is lots of difference in application procedure based on geographical borders. When your spouse is residing outside the U.K the approval process will take more than two years. The spouse will be allowed into the U.K on a temporary visa for a considerable time. When you are applying for a visa for the spouse residing in the U.K. the process is very easy. The spouse will acquire the citizenship status of the sponsor. The sponsor is the person married to the spouse visa applicants. The acquiring status of the sponsor will need residence proof of staying together. The couple has to stay together for more than three years to get approved for the spouse visa. The denial of visas can happen in general or specific reasons. The resident applicant has to leave the country and restart the spouse visa application.

Understanding the Financial Requirements 

The spouse visa applications require lots of financial support. The applicant has to show their source of income to a limit prescribed by the immigration department. This amount is called the threshold amount. The applicants have to maintain a cash balance in their bank account. The cash serves as the security for the applicants. You have to plan for the fund’s inflow into your spouse account to get the visa. The spouse can show the salary as the income. The rentals received from the properties are also accepted as income. 

Understanding the authorization process

There are spouse visas that will be authorized based on the sequence of events. You have to check whether all mandatory requirements are satisfied before applying. The application has to be sent to the home office with all the required documents. The meeting will be scheduled with the immigration staff. The immigration staff will evaluate your applications and supporting documents. Your spouse visa will be available in the passport application center. The rejected application details are also informed.

Enhancing the English Fluency

Your spouse has to spend dedicated time to increase their English skill. The proper English training should be done. The applicants should pass in a2 English test to get the spouse visa. There are lots of free training materials for attending the English Evaluation test.

Final Words

The applicants should be aware of the Mandatory requirement for the spouse visa. You have to arrange for the proper residential proof and other documents before applying to the spouse visa. You can also get guidance from the agents for faster approval of visas.


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