June 23, 2021

Nautitech Catamarans, Performance-Cruisers Designed By Marc Lombard That are Safe, Fast, And Comfortable At Sea

Marc Lombard initiated his journey as a marine architect back in 1981, and is considered the father of the multihull industry. Upon completing his studies at the University of Southampton, on yacht designing in 1981, his firm has designed more than 250 unique designs up to date Marc Lombard design is one of the most reliable multihull design firms. 

Lombard also takes pride of have designed more than 3500 boats that are cruising the waters across the world. Here are the most popular Nautitech catamarans designed by him.

Nautitech Catamarans, Performance Family Cruisers

The Nautitech 40 Open was designed for families to be safe at sea, with incredible performance but without compromising on comfort or space. The Nautitech 40 Open is the entry-level of a range of multihull designed by Marc-Lombard for Nautitech.


At the base of the Nautitech catamarans, you can come across innovative lines, with thin hulls below the waterline with less wetted surface achieve amazing upwind sailing angle. A robust rig capable of withstanding a robust sail plan always in compliance with safety first and comfort. The hulls are constructed with vacuum infused techniques, using epoxy-vinyl-ester resin.

Why Can You Rely on Marc-Lombard designed Nautitech Catamarans?

All Marc Lombard designs feature the same concept, safety and performance first, and the cruising amenities. Performance means safety on a multihull, a boat that is capable of handling the wind or any weather conditions. The center of gravity of the nautitech Open 40 & 46 is the lowest in the industry, avoiding the “pitching” effect in high seas. The lazy bag is of easy access from the cabin top. On a Nautitech 40 Open the weight has been allocated for an optimal sailing vessel experience. less weight means Performance, and Performance means safety at sea.


The Nautitech catamarans are designed in a way, that they wouldn’t sink, thanks to their 4 watertight compartments, cables, 2 forward followed by 2 aft being bulkheads moving through the pipe passage. The crash-proof Bulkhead present in the bow, comprise sacrificial parts of the catamaran, so it can absorb the impact and keep structural damage at bay, at times of collision.

The existence of hatches-free walkways encourages a bow shift, and the interior ventilation is left to the fixed skylights. The rigging lines including the reefing lines are led back to the cockpit, so it can be controlled directly from the Helm Station, for easy single handling.


Excessive care to details was rendered to the onboard comfort, The thin hulls in the water are categorized by a robust redan that broadens the interior space dramatically without compromising on the performance. The cockpit of the Nautitech Catamarans is the largest in the industry, with a table that seats up to 12 guests. 

All of the Nautitech Catamarans designed by Marc Lombard are manufactured using the utmost care and great standards.

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