June 23, 2021

Common Myths About Buying Air Tickets and The Facts Behind Them

When it comes to booking air tickets, there is a lot of misinformation and myths out there. In this write-up, we list down a few common myths and the truth behind them.

Searching for an affordable flight ticket can be a daunting task. And, unsurprisingly, the internet is filled with tips and advice from several self-declared experts about the best time, day, and ways to purchase air tickets. However, the only problem is that many of these tricks or tips are either outdated or simply don’t work.

If you follow any of these tips, you could be missing out on getting a good deal and eventually end up paying more than you need to. The truth is that the airline industry is continually evolving, and the airlines have many sophisticated ways to sell tickets to travellers. And, on that note, let us shed some light on some of the common myths doing the rounds about booking air tickets and the truth behind them.

Myth 1

Tuesday is the best day to get cheap deals on flight tickets


This magic formula for getting cheap deals on flight tickets is so widely believed that it has earned its own moniker – ‘Travel Tuesday.’ But like other myths, there is no real evidence to suggest it is true. Today, the prices of flight tickets fluctuate every day, and the airlines, rather than offering the best deals on a specific day of the week, use flash sales to boost sales, and it can happen on any day.

Myth 2

Booking a round-trip flight is cheaper than buying two one-way tickets


It has long been assumed that you can save money by buying a round-trip ticket rather than booking one-way flights. According to a study conducted in the US that tracked all airline ticket bookings, there is no truth to such claims.

The study further suggests that the percentage of one-way tickets sold increased from 29% to 42% between 2014 and 2018, and it is expected to increase further. One of the primary reasons for this is that people are finding buying two one-way tickets cheaper than round-trip.

Myth 3

Connecting flights are cheaper than non-stop flights


When you book a flight, you may prefer a non-stop flight rather than flights with a pit stop as it not only increases the travel time but can also cause great inconvenience. In terms of fares for connecting flights, connecting flight fares are not always cheaper. It all depends on the airlines you choose, and the place you are travelling to.

The best way to get cheap air tickets is to compare the prices of connecting flights and non-stop flights and choose accordingly. Typically, the online travel portals showcase the prices for different dates and different airlines, so it is only a matter of doing simple maths.

Myth 4

You can get the best deals on air tickets through last-minute bookings


Until a few years ago, many airlines offered last-minute cheap offers to fill the bookings. But, over the years, airlines’ have become extremely adept at cost-cutting and understanding shopper demand. So, they now routinely fill up the planes without offering last-minute deals.

So, it is advisable to avoid waiting till the last minute to book flight. It is advisable to book in advance so that you can compare the prices online for different dates and get the best deal to suit your specific travel schedule.

Final word

Now that you know the various myths about booking cheap flights don’t fall for such misinformation. Instead, do your research well and explore different online portals to check which site offers the best discount and book accordingly.

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