June 23, 2021

Getting a Whiff of the Sea Thanks to Reel Affair

The ocean is vast, and it carries some mysteries that we haven’t even heard of before. But it also brings beautiful creatures that we love, like fishes and humpback whales. Nothing could ever beat being near the ocean because it always puts a person’s mind at ease. It’s a different atmosphere than anywhere else in the world, maybe because the water has some energy that helps cleanses the soul.

If you are looking for a way to be near the ocean with your family or friends, you might want to try deep-sea fishing, reef fishing, game fishing, and humpback whale watching with Reel Affair. These activities will take you off the coast of New South Wales in Merimbula. There are many coastal reef systems, and the Continental Shelf lies only 20 nautical miles off the coastline, making Merimbula an ideal base for fishing. Bring Reel Affair with you during one of those fishing trips, and experience the ocean from a different and refreshing angle.

Go on an Adventurous Fishing Trip with Your Friends & Family

Reel Affair offers three kinds of fishing programs perfect for the sea-lovers out there.  They currently have three of these fishing programs, led by their knowledgeable and expert crew. Once you’re with Reel Affair Fishing Charters, you don’t need to own a New South Wales fishing license to fish. Off the coast of Merimbula is a rich base for fishing because it’s near many inshore reef systems and the  Continental Shelf. Here, you’ll find an abundance of a great variety of fishes, such as Snapper, Morwong, Kingfish, Gummy Shark, Cod, Flathead, Salmon, and Leatherjackets.

Choose from the three fishing programs that Reel Affair has: Deep-Sea & King Fishing, which is available all year round, with the 40 Fathom Reef 8 miles offshore and 70 Fathom Reef 15 miles offshore. Phil Mitchell leads the Game Fishing, who has extensive knowledge in big game sports fishing. Lastly, Reef Fishing is available off the coast of Merimbula, which makes the Sapphire Coast a fisherman’s paradise.

Catch the Beauty of Humpback Whales in the Sapphire Coast

Merimbula & the Sapphire Coast offers an excellent opportunity for everyone to see the great Humpback Whales during the Southern migration. Mothers, calves, and escorts are attracted to the many inshore reef systems, and they often show off their beauty through breaching, tail slapping, and feeding. Humpback Whales have shown resilience and are among the most incredible marine creatures that are often seen on the Sapphire Coast. After decades of commercial whaling, they have fought back and brought themselves out of near extinction. There are currently 7,000 whales reportedly migrating along the coastline.

How do you spot a whale at sea? First, you have to spot the blow of the whale or the cloud of spray or mist that appears as the whale exhales through its blowholes. Next, search for a sudden splash of water where the whale may have breached or slapped their tales. Lastly, look for water movement or a whirlpool caused by their footprint (their tail movement under the water’s surface). You might find their fluke (tail) descending into the sea and a fin moving through the water.

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