June 23, 2021

Essential things to know before visiting Vietnam

Vietnam- a country with intoxicating views, culture, and diversity, is also known as the country of extremes. Be it summers or monsoons, you’re likely to experience the extremes of both. The entire trip could be a mess if you’re not aware of the country facts. Usually, it has been observed that first-time goers feel besieged by the mob of people or the long traffic queues. So if you’re visiting Vietnam for the very first time, make sure you keep in mind the following things.

  • Get your VISA– It’s not easy to visit Vietnam without a VISA. In case if you don’t have one, LocalVietnam offers VISA on arrival but for that, you need to have an authorization letter. Also, you cannot do it on your own, but through a third party who have contacts at the Vietnamese customs. It’s imperative to use Vietnamese based company for eradicating higher costs. You can get the authorization letters at reasonable rates.
  • Be prepared for airport queues– You need to wait in lines for your turn to start with the VISA process. Why this is something you need to be prepared for? Vietnam airport queues are the worst and if you are at the back of the pack, then you may need to wait up to 3 hours after the arrival.
  • Dollars vs. Dongs– If you’re traveling to Vietnam, you need to carry both Vietnamese Dongs and US dollars. Dongs are essential for local purposes like paying restaurant bills, sips, bars, stalls, etc. And US dollars are the most commonly accepted currencies in the majority of the countries. In Vietnam, US dollars can be used for transport costs, restaurant bills, tours, etc. You can withdraw dongs from any of the ATMs on arrival.
  • Local agencies are your allies– It’s not possible for the first-time traveler to plan the itinerary all by themselves. Local agencies are your friends in Vietnam as they can plan the itinerary for you as per your preference and they also have experienced guides for the tour.
  • Be ready to negotiate– Bartering is an integral part of the Vietnamese culture. You need to have bargaining skills to get the most out of the local markets, salons, and massage parlors. Prices are fixed in restaurants so you can’t negotiate but there’s room for bargaining in markets and local shops.

These are the five essential things that you should know to have a memorable and exciting travel experience.

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