June 23, 2021

Australia:Marriage And Fiancee Visa

You either met your partner in Australia, or your partner is a permanent Australian Citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen, and you intend to get married. In that case, you will have to obtain a visa in Australia, specifically the Prospective Marriage Visa, with a validity of 9 months, during which the marriage must take place. 

All applicants for the said visa must demonstrate that their relationship is genuine, which includes genuinely intending to marry your partner within nine months and that you wish to live with your partner as their spouse. 

Both parties must be aged 18 years older, and you will have to show proof that you have met face to face and have spent considerable time with each other. Such evidence is closely scrutinized, and if found genuine, only then will it be acknowledged.

After the visa is granted, the holder must travel to Australia and then lodge a partner visa to apply for a temporary and permanent visa. During the processing period of the said visa and until a decision is made, the visa holder can remain. If no marriage happened and failure to lodge a partner visa within the given nine-month period, it would result in a breach of visa condition, leading to severe consequences.

Alternatively, an individual can apply for a 482 visa in Australia, allowing the holder to work full-time for the approved sponsor for 4 to 5 years. While holding the visa, the holder’s family can enjoy the perks of traveling to and from Australia, working, and even studying for the duration of the visa without restriction. While holding the visa, the holder must maintain health insurance while in the country. 

Read this infographic made by Visa Lounge and learn more about Marriage and Fiance Visa in Australia. 

Australia:Marriage and Fiancee visa

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