July 27, 2021

A Perfect Trip to Kerala Now

India is certainly one of the most attractive destinations for many tourists, but it should also be remembered that India is not a country for everyone. This place full of contradictions and with a strong psychological impact requires adequate mental preparation to avoid returning from a holiday troubled and weakened. In India, poverty is present, in fact, on every street corner, cleanliness often leaves something to be desired and it is not always easy to adapt to situations in which hygiene and comfort are only a distant memory. Having a proper idea about the Kerala tourist places is important in this case.

For all those who want to approach this complicated but beautiful country for the first time, one of the easiest regions to tackle is definitely Kerala which is located on the south-west coast of the country. Its position and geographical conformation make it an interesting tourist destination and the fact that the hospital level here is absolutely similar to that of Western standards and that vaccinations are not mandatory of any kind make this part of India one of the easiest places even for those traveling with children. Like many parts of India, Kerala also boasts numerous traditions so to plan a trip to Kerala , as well as this guide, we recommend that you study at least a little bit of the history of the place to fully empathize with a country other than ours.

When to go

In Kerala the climate is tropical monsoon, which is why in the period from June to August the weather is characterized by heavy rains, despite the temperatures being mild. Due to the numerous rainfall, therefore, the period that corresponds to our summer is one of the least suitable times to organize a holiday in this area of ​​India. From September, however, pleasant temperatures begin to be recorded, not too hot although still with a fairly high humidity rate. Between October and November, on the other hand, the monsoons and the consequent abundant rains arrive, so it is absolutely better to avoid this period of time. Between April and May, heat and humidity predominate.

About kerala

Kerala is first of all an exuberant nature and memorable landscapes. Forget your shots of dry and dusty India because this small state is particularly green, clad in rice fields and coconut trees as far as the eye can see. All along the coast, backwaters have formed into a network of peaceful and stunningly beautiful lakes, lagoons and canals. Finally, Kerala is sandwiched between the ocean which offers long golden beaches and the mountain range of the Western Ghats, one of the most important biodiversity reserves on the planet.

That’s not all

We admired the architectural heritage of old Fort Cochin, discovered a mighty temple housing a fabulous treasure in Trivandrum, hiked the tea plantations of Munnar, waited for sunsets over the ocean, chatted with enthusiastic train neighbors, garnered an insane amount of smiles and tasted some of the best cuisine in the country. Finally, for lovers of alternative medicine, Kerala would also be the birthplace of traditional Indian Ayurveda.


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