June 23, 2021

What are the Different Types of Aviation Training Schools

A lot of people dream to make a career in aviation. To succeed in this career, you need to undergo extensive training. There are plenty of schools that provide you flight training courses. Based on the requirements, these schools offer short-term and long-term courses to students. 

It is important to consider the type of plane you wish to fly, the course cost, ab initio,” or “comprehensive training” etc. before you decide the right training school. You should aim to get a commercial, corporate or airline, pilot’s license. 

In this article, we will talk about the different types of aviation training schools available.  

The Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

  • The demand for pilots increases every year. 
  • An aviation career is very lucrative and fulfilling. Commercial pilots earn around $92,000 as a median salary and military pilots are remunerated as per their ranks. 

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Different Types of Aviation Schools

Independent Certificated Flight Instruction

  • This school offers flight as well as ground instruction
  • It charges a fee on a per-hour basis
  • Provides limited access to the aircraft and the facility
  • The certified flight instructors don’t use their airplanes for training prospective pilots
  • This school is ideal for people who want to utilize their pilot licenses for use in personal business or as a hobby.
  • It offers benefits such as one-on-one training; local knowledge, costs, and flexible scheduling that are less than other aviation schools.

Local Flight Schools

  • Offer sport pilot or private pilot programs 
  • These schools have a few airplanes for renting and training purpose
  • Offers the essential facilities for training such as flight planning rooms, small flight simulators, and basic classrooms
  • These schools are inexpensive.
  • Offers limited training and are not ideal for advanced knowledge and training.

Large Academies and Universities

  • Ideal to pursue professional piloting as your career
  • Expensive
  • Training is not personalized
  • Provides state-of-the-art training and aircraft facilities
  • Offers access to job interviews 

Types of Pilot Training Certificates

To be able to fly an airplane, you need to have an appropriate license. Following are some of the certificates that a pilot should get: 


  • Private Pilot Certificate


This certificate enables pilots to carry passengers in either 2 to 4 seater airplane. It is ideal to fly recreationally with family and friends. This is a very important skill for all commercial pilots.


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate


This certificate is needed if a pilot wants to fly an airplane to carry passengers or property to obtain compensation. Some of its examples are banner towing, air-guide tours, small single-pilot cargo flights, and aerial photography. 


  • Airplane Multi-Engine


This certificate is a license to run a single-engine aircraft and larger multi-engine airplanes. A pilot should get this license if flying an aircraft is his next milestone.


Aviation training is a rewarding journey. The right way to become a pilot can be for different individuals. It is therefore important to wisely go through the options that the school offers to create a proper decision. The right choice will help you achieve your piloting dreams.

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