July 27, 2021

Visiting to Albania? Know these basic facts

Albania is a surprising and hospitable country, which came out of the isolation it was subjected to under the communist regime late (only in 1992) and soon realized that it is possible to receive visitors and, at the same time, maintain its identity. In addition to the Albania capital, Tirana, where there are still marks of the Stalinist legacy, there are many good reasons to plan a trip to Albania, starting with the beaches on the coast of the Ionian Sea and the ruins of Butrint, near Saranda, passing by classics like Beret and Gjirokaster, or the mountains of the Northern Albanian Alps.

Country facts –

  • Albania Capital: Tirana,
  • Population: 2 million,
  • Official Language: Albanian,
  • Time zone: GMT +1,
  • International telephone code: +355,
  • Land borders: Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.

Climate / when to travel to Albania

The tourist peak occurs during the summer months, when the inhabitants of the country approach the coastal areas to benefit from its pleasant Mediterranean climate. The temperatures in the city, including in Tirana, easily reach 30 degrees. In winter there is usually a lot of rain but, with the exception of mountain peaks, it is never cold enough to snow. The best time to visit Albania will be European spring or autumn.

Ease of trip

They are relatively recent, but the truth is that the vending machines are already widespread in the main cities and towns in Albania, making travel easier. For now, only the largest hotels and some travel agencies accept credit cards. Albania is one of the European countries with the fewest UNESCO World Heritage sites – The Ohrid Natural, Historical and Cultural Region (1979, 1980, 2019) (cross-border site with Macedonia), the ruins of Butrint, and the beautiful historic centers of the cities of Beret and Gjirokaster: places of enormous historical relief in Albanian territory, ancient and Primitive Beech Forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe, etc.

The beauty of Albania

From the snow white of the mountains to the red of the poppy fields, in less than an hour’s drive the scenery around you changes completely. You can visit Durresi, the oldest city, more than three thousand years old, with its walls and castles. Shkoder is the gateway to the Alps of Albania, with a lot of skiing in the winter, and where Illyrian civilization began. In the Ionian Sea, (southern Albania) you must visit Ksamil. On the Adriatic coast, you can see thousands of small beaches and spas.

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