July 27, 2021

Top 5 Countries to go for Scuba Diving

For those who love water, sea, beaches, and want to explore the world beneath the sea waves must always think to go for Scuba Diving. Scuba diving is one of those experience where you can get lost in the heavenly aura and feel the peace of fishes and sea animals. It’s an experience which everyone should go once. There are several places with mesmerizing sea where one can dive and feel the underwater souls and of course the serenity of the sea. So here are the destinations which one can explore to get the scuba diving experience in the coming summer holidays.

1.  Sri Lanka

Diving in Sri Lanka is something which people think less interesting but there are lots to explore. Sri Lanka is a country which is associated with numerous interesting stories of Ramayana. Wouldn’t it be exciting to diving under the ocean which holds significance in god tales? The Indian Ocean provides the serenity and peace one needs to find in himself/herself.

2.  Australia

The country has always been a tourist attraction from decades for its beautiful destinations. However, when talking about scuba diving, this place some marvellous destinations for scuba divers. Some of the Australian destinations which a scuba diver should explore are Yongala, Great Barrier Reef, Osprey Reef, Navy Pier, and the Coral Sea.

3.  Honduras

For Scuba Divers, the Caribbean Sea is one of the checklist destinations for diving. Honduras is among the best exotic locations of Caribbean Sea which every diver should explore. Here one can get a chance to dive with expert divers and if lucky enough then one can meet the big sea creatures too like a White whale.

4.  USA

The USA is a great place to spend fruitful holidays. To explore the sea world, the USA has some beautiful and serene options. The country is surrounded by some exotic Scuba diving locations such as Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, etc. One can dive safely in the presence of dive operators.

5.  Belize

Belize is known to be the tiniest country of Latin America. It is also famous for one of the world’s largest barrier reefs. Here one can go for Scuba diving courses for beginners’ level and professional level too.

So these are some exotic locations for scuba divers to explore. One can easily go for diving courses before going for these places. As for safety purpose, one needs to pursue any certification course for Scuba Divers. One of the best know course for Scuba diving is given by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). The PADI course is for divers and is useful for diving in Sri Lanka, and any other country of the world.


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