July 27, 2021

Spring Break in Croatia

Spring Break – the most popular and loved holiday among college students. The holiday, which was first established in the United States, soon spread all over the world: Anglo-Saxon countries, Japan, South Korea, China, and lately, also numerous European countries. During this period – usually one week -, university students take a break from studying and try to “restore their strengths” before the last difficult period of exams. Some students decide to go back home and spend time with their families, some others travel to warm beach destinations in order to enjoy the sun and the numerous parties: Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, Mexico, or even the Caribbean. Yet, while the American Spring Break generally occurs in March, it takes place later in Europe for obvious reasons. Indeed, between late April and May, thousands of students flee southern European countries in order to enjoy milder temperatures, beaches and wild parties. In Europe, Croatia represents the most important and loved Spring Break destination among students, offering moreover some of the most beautiful parties you could possibly see!


Spring Break Invasion, Umag

The Spring Break Invasion, the biggest Spring Break festival in Europe, consists of a 4-day non-stop party. During this crazy time, students (but not only) will have the possibility to choose among several activities: games, live music, boat parties, after parties, night events, and much more! Don’t forget that the highlight of the festival is the famous naked mile … are you crazy enough to take part in it?

Zrce Spring Break, Pag

The Zrce Spring Break Europe festival is world-known for hosting the biggest parties, inviting moreover some of the most famous DJs on the scene. Held in some of the most important clubs on the island of Pag, the Spring Break Europe offers unforgettable events: foam parties, beach parties, secret parties and exclusive boat parties.

It is also important to highlight that the Spring Break Europe does not represent the only festival held on the island of Pag. In fact, alternative opportunities are given by the BigBeach Spring Break, the Papaya Spring Break and the Beach.Bites.Beats Festival.

Erasmus Spring Break, Pag

If you are one of the many students, who are attending your year abroad in Europe, don’t miss the Erasmus Spring Break on the island of Pag. Although it occurs later compared to other spring break festivals – between the end of May and the beginning of June -, the festival offers an unbelievably beautiful international environment. Day&Night parties, fun activities, and a huge number of people are waiting here for you!


Spring Breakers in Croatia will definitely experience new adventures and friends, which will transform your holiday into an unforgettable journey … Do we need to continue?

Yet, Spring Break in Croatia does not necessarily imply wild parties, crazy people and crowded beaches. Indeed, if you are not really into this kind of atmosphere, we’ve got you covered! Croatia, the “Land of 1000 islands”, offers also another type of Spring Break experience: backpacking across the country! Charming historic cities, beautiful beaches, romantic islands and unspoiled nature are here waiting for you.


The “Pearl of Adriatic”, located in the southernmost region of the country, is the most popular city in Croatia. The old town, dating back to the 7th century, is considered one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities in the world. Of course, the nearby coast also offers splendid beaches and crystal-clear waters.


Hvar, a relatively small island off the Adriatic Coast, was once a Venetian dominion. Here, besides beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature, visitors have the possibility to experience history and arts.



The “Mediterranean Flower” is extremely popular among tourists. Not only the city is famous for the Diocletian’s Palace, a palace built between 298 and 305 AD by the homonym Roman emperor, but also for the hit-show Game of Thrones. Indeed, if you are a fan, you will recognize several places, since numerous scenes were filmed here.


Zadar, founded more than 3000 years ago, represents the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the country. The city is not one of the most visited destinations in Croatia, therefore, visitors find here peace and quiet. Unspoiled nature, historical buildings, romantic sunsets, gorgeous seas and tasty food summarise what your experience in Zadar will be.

Plitvice National park

Who said that visitors can only go to the beach in Croatia? Plitvice National Park represents one of the most beautiful natural wonder in Europe and it is not difficult to understand why. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, through wooden walkways and hiking trails, delights visitors with its wilderness: blue lakes, great waterfalls and vaste forests.

Weather partying on a crowded club or immersed in the wild nature, Croatia is the place to be for your next European Spring Break. Indeed, the country offers several opportunities to suit every taste. Yet, remember … your destination is not as important as the company! Grab your best friends and enjoy this adventure!

For further information about backpacking in Croatia, visit the German website Backpackertrail.

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