July 27, 2021

Irish gift ideas for him

Whether you were born in the Emerald Isles or you’re traveling there for a vacation, bringing home your loved ones a gift or two is always a good idea. But whilst women are pretty easy to buy for, getting a gift for the man in your life can be tough. We’ve put together a few ideas to give you food for thought and help you find a present that will put a smile on his face…


The chances are that you hadn’t considered buying your loved one jewelry, but the truth is that the country is home to some truly talented jewelers who craft pieces of art with tradition that dates back hundreds or even thousands of years. Whether you buy your partner a ring to show them how much you love them, or even a Celtic cross necklace to symbolize your commitment and your faith, there are so many options for you to consider, so shop around.

Food hamper

Okay, let’s get the fun one out of the way. If you know that your partner loves to try new food and drink, then you really can’t go too far wrong with a food hamper. Fill your suitcase with tea bags, jam, preserves, cakes, potato chips, nuts, cookies, oatcakes, and honey, or buy a hamper online to save yourself some money on luggage. Go all out with some traditional Irish cheeses, chutneys, truffles, shortbreads, sauces, juices, coffee, fudge, and wine. Yum!

Aran sweater

You simply cannot beat an Aran sweater from Ireland. They’re comfortable, snug, and stylish in design, and sport traditional Aran stitch patterns which date back hundreds of years. You can order one with honeycomb stitching, which is a tribute to honeybees and brings good fortune to whoever wears it or opt for a cable switch design, symbolizing fishermen’s ropes – the purpose of an Aran sweater back in the day was to keep farmers and fishermen warm.

Family crest

If your partner has Irish blood in him, then why not consider buying him a family crest? You can have these made locally in Ireland, tracing back their name and working out its origins and meaning. Not only will it look great in his living room or study, but it will remind him of his home whenever he needs a gentle pick-me-up, or serve as a way to bring you both together.

Do you have any other gift ideas when visiting Ireland? Let us know on social media and check back soon for more advice on purchasing the very best merchandise and souvenirs.

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