July 27, 2021

Best Attractions In Solo City You Must Visit

Just 1-hour drive from Bali, Indonesia, Solo City is a very important town in Java that represents the region’s culture and heritage to the world stage. This small city with half a million population is flocked by tourists year-round who want to take a closer look at Javanese culture. Solo City features numerous festivals and cultural events for most of the months, making it more fun for the tourists to be here. It is also a culinary paradise for foodies who want to experience the local cuisine. If you have already looking for hotels in Solo City indonesia and planning to travel here in the coming months, then take a look at these top places in the city you must visit.

Borobudur Temple – measuring 123×123 meters, the Borobudur Temple is the biggest 9th century Buddhist Temple to exist in the world. It is located in Magelang, where you can reach via car within 2 hours from Solo City. The temple features 1460 relief panels and more than 500 effigies of Buddha which were complete even before the establishment of the Angkor Wat. For those who want to attain some spiritual peace, can surely head to the Borobudur Temple.

Kasunanan Royal Palace – one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, this was the residence of many Java kings over centuries. It was founded in 1744 by Susuhunan Pakubuwono II and was the substitute for Palace Kartasura. Spread over 54 acres of land, the Palace is a true wonder of architecture and design. Inside the Palace, you will see many statues, antique weapons, souvenirs, etc. Also, don’t forget to check out “The Tower Of The Universe”.

Puro Mangkunegaran – a mesmerizing and a well maintained palace, the Puro Mangkunegaran was constructed in the year of 1757. It is the epitome of Javanese culture and heritage. You can find several treasures and souvenirs inside the palace that gives you a great idea about the rich and diverse art that once existed in Solo City. You will come across dance masks, wayang puppets, religious objects, jewelry, and priceless antiques that once possessed by the different Java Kings

Triwindu Antique Market – for all shopaholics, Solo City is a fantastic place to fill your bags and the Triwindu Antique Market is a place you should not miss. This traditional flea market sells rare and antique items of various kinds. You will find a lot of ethnic, historic and vintage stuff here. Check out the beautiful leather puppets, bronze statues, traditional lamps, keris and other souvenirs that you can take back home. It will take you half a day to explore the full market. Also, satisfy your hunger cravings in the food stalls and try out the local dishes here.

Solo City is a wonderful travel destination for you and your family in Java. Do check out these amazing places that we have mentioned and enjoy your trip to the fullest while you are here.

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