July 27, 2021

Hurry up and go for a long step in Singapore! Six reasons to live in Singapore

Yes! There are many reasons to live in Singapore and choosing only ten was not easy. Every time you do something new, like living in another country, for example, you go out in search of something that makes you feel a little more at home.

  • Security – going out on the street and not always looking back or waiting for something bad to happen. You can to go anywhere, and at any time of the day or night. And it gives you a feeling of freedom, which you have never felt before.
  • Multi- cultural – yes it is wonderful to be able to meet with different people and cultures from all parts of the world. All the time you learn something new. A city-state made up of so many races, where people respect each other, and live in harmony is very interesting.
  • Public transport- If the question is arise How to get around in Singapore? The answer is, you will get very easy transportation everywhere in Singapore. a spectacular ride on the subway and bus in Cinga, extremely punctual, clean, safe, easy to use, and has all over the island. In addition, cabs/ taxis and trains are also available.
  • Food – If you are not a foodie person, and even though you are very allergic to food, then it is worthwhile to mention that you have surely eaten many Asian delicacies, because of these tastes. Many exclusive delicious items are, ‘sweet and sour chicken’, ‘fried rice’, ‘dumplings’,’ sate ‘and many other dishes.
  • Festivals – A place full of so much cultural mix, it could not fail to have a large number of festivals. And they are of the most diverse possible, religious, New Year’s celebrations, fruits, lanterns, lights, food, arrival of a new season, and so many others.
  • Low taxes – This is also very surprising to you, to have to pay taxes only once a year, and such a low percentage. And this is not only for the employee, but also for the employer. And that is one of the big reasons why so many companies are going to Singapore and so many Startups are emerging on the island.

In addition, you can think of the above points as a Travel tips in Singapore for a long time stay, or you can thing these are the reason behind staying Singapore for a long time. Everything is correct and all of this together, brings an excellent quality of life!

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