July 23, 2021

Finding a Flat in Spain to Rent for the Winter

The rental market in Spain offers robust security, extended contracts(if you’re looking for long-term rentals in Spain), and reasonable rates, even in prime Spanish coastal areas. As a base for property hunt and a getaway from the British winter, it’s a favourite choice.

If you are in northern Europe, this must be relatable to the core: ” You woke up this morning and saw the grey skies and rain. Ohh! The thoughts came running to you whether you have your heating on for weeks. “

Perhaps this makes you dream of a home in the sun, well no place is better for winter warmth and golden sunshine than Spain, not to mention the lighter, more peaceful evenings.

Most British people who move to Spain opt to buy a property, often with a retirement view or as a second home. However, another option that more and more people are choosing is to be renting on a long term or semi long term contract.

How do I find winter lets in Spain?

Spain is home to different local estate agencies and online portals for easy rent-out service and property guidance. These services are mostly a good fit for short-term and not long-term rentals in Spain. Online aggregation websites like kuhamia.com is also a very good way to search for rentals.

Local newspapers are also a good source of finding winter lets in Spain, but you might want to see a property with a native speaker friend as often the owner doesn’t speak English.

How long can I rent?

The duration of a short-term rental in Spain is anything up to 11 months. This may suit you if you are planning to buy a property within a few months. However, if you’re looking for long-term rentals in Spain to see if the place really loves you or you love it, you will have to look for a long-term let, which is fixed for three years.

Furnished or unfurnished?

The majority of properties are rented furnished, and you will find that the higher the rental rate, the better quality of furniture and furnishings. Furnished homes are perfect if you are renting while staying on the hunt for a property to own, but for the longer-term, you might want to have your own stuff around you, and so you will be looking for unfurnished homes.

How much should I expect to pay?

Monthly rent prices in Spain differ enormously. In cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, you might have to pay high prices as these have seen a massive surge in rental prices over the past year. For instance, in Málaga, you can find a three-bedroom flat by the coast for €1,200 a month, which is what you would spend for a three-bedroom home in some of Spain’s provincial towns’ smaller coastal resorts.

There are flats available for €350 a month, but these are usually in less demanded areas and will be relatively small. The average rent for homes in better areas and close to the sea is presently between €450 and €750 and may not include a parking lot.


Renting is a choice made by numerous Europeans, mostly British people, to escape from extreme winters. For those just starting their journey to Spain, renting is a means to an end. You can buy time to find exactly where you fancy living and the property you want to own. So, if you are taking that direction, go for it, and enjoy the winter warmth in a nice cozy winter lets in Spain.

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