July 23, 2021

Extending Your Boat Dock’s Lifetime

Your boat dock is pretty much your access to the water. It acts as a place for you to safely tie off your boat — a “garage” of sorts. Plus, it’s your loading and unloading area so that you don’t end up falling into the water or struggling in any way. However, because your dock is constantly exposed to the elements, such as seawater, it may start to deteriorate over time. As such, proper maintenance is necessary.

If your dock is maintained properly, you’ll find that you’ll need boat dock repair near Grand Lake, OK less often. That’s a great way to save money! Here are a few tips for maintaining your dock and extending its lifespan.

Pressure Wash

One of the best ways to clean almost anything is by using a pressure washer. Pressure washers can physically remove the accumulated dirt and debris on your dock. If you do intend to use a pressure washer, remember that they can be powerful and damaging to you if you accidentally hit your foot or anything else with the water’s spray. Make sure you are wearing closed shoes and do your best to avoid aiming the water on anyone or anything that can get injured.

For a wooden boat dock, try using a nozzle in the fan tip shape. This way, the water pressure will be slightly less pressurized, lowering the chances of damaging the dock. Also, remember to keep the tip of the sprayer at least a foot away from the surface of the dock to prevent damage.

Mind Your Environment

An excellent way to keep your dock adequately maintained is to ensure that its environment is clean and unpolluted. Polluted water, for example, can make a dock deteriorate faster. Plus, it’s best to keep the water around you clean regardless.

While making sure the water does not destroy your dock, be sure that your dock does not negatively affect your environment, as well. Use only boat dock finishes and paints that are friendly to the water and life around it.

Rub Rails

One thing that protects not only your boat but also your dock is a rub rail. Rub rails work well by making sure that any hard edges on your boat or your dock do not hit each other and cause friction and damage.

Rubbing can cause a lot of damage that may cause both your boat and your dock to get destroyed — fast. Thankfully, rub rails are incredibly cheap to make. You can even simply upcycle old tires and similar materials. However, if you do choose to use other materials, make sure that it is “marine-grade.”

Keeping your boat dock well-maintained will ensure that you have a dock to use for a long, long time!

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